Monday, December 17, 2007


Here are some pictures from Knott's. We had a good time even though our timing was way off! No weekends and no toy drives next time! P.S. Jason, I've talked to a few "experts." They say never go to Disneyland the week after Christmas. Just a warning! Though disneyland has a system in place for the popular rides, so you won't have to wait an hour just for one ride like we did this weekend!


Jason said...

those are good pics, yeah I pretty much figured disneyland would be very busy but there is no talking zulema out of it. plus hopefully the kids rides will not be that bad. I don't know, she has been wanting to take the kids forever, and regardless of the people the kids will have a great time!! See you guys soon.

Sabra said...

Disneyland has a system in place for the popular rides, so I'm sure it's better than Knott's. I've been dying to go for over ten years now! One of these days! I just want to take the girls one day spur of the moment. Maybe Spring Breakish.

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