Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the Subject of Christmas Trees

Sabra told me about a contest for Christmas Trees. I thought I would try to enter it but I am not sure I know how. So I will post this and then see how it goes. Apparently you post pictures of your tree on your blog and some tips for decorating it and then enter a link. So here is my attempt at the tree this year! Remember I am using a crummy camera, not to mention the skill of the photographer! I do better at decorating trees.

Decorating Tips I Have Found Useful
I always start at the top and using a fake tree makes it easier. I decorate the top while it is apart as I would a floral arrangment and then put it up on the tree. I then add any garland before beginning on the ornaments. I group the ornaments into like piles and then add them to the tree. I wish I could say that decorating the tree is the highlight of my Christmas but alas, it is not. I prefer to decorate the shelves and tables. But you have to have a tree to go along with the rest, so I try to do it first and get it done. I do like a fancy tree and have been collecting ornaments for several years after fading out the country look. My tree is too short for my house I am now living in so instead of buying a new one when I moved, my handy husband built me a stool to put it up on and then I use yards of fabric to swirl about the bottom. I love fabric garland also as it fills in lots of bare spots. And fake trees are great because you can just move the branch where you need it. Also, branches of berries stuck in here and there are great filler. So that's how I do it and there it is!

More Lunacy?

Thanks Sabra for the comment reminding me about Sunday night. I had forgotten. I had better start looking at the calendar. Just a note on the last program I was off to when I posted last time. No pictures of that one as I actually forgot the camera. Tom offered me his throw-away when we got there but I was too prideful and didn't want to be laughed out the door:) So I missed the shot but the program was very entertaining and the girls looked like they were having fun. I thought that was the last program but I heard from Krista that Naomi was having one on Thurs. As I was tied up with Relief Society, Granpa had to go it alone. I asked him how it went and he said it was chaos, but that Naomi did great on her 3 words:) Company arrived on time and we had Grandma's dinner and then all the family arrived and more chaos ensued but we all had a fun visit. Of course I didn't have the camera so no pictures. But Deb took a couple and said she would email them to me so I will have one to remember the occasion. Fun note to the evening, Ben Mucha and his wife and daughter came over. We hadn't seen them since Ashley's wedding so that was fun. Now, today the company leaves and we have Kaylie's Christmas Concert for the PHIL-AM association fundraiser. She is nervous but I know she will do great! I will try to remember the camera!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Programs & Then Some

Well, two down and one to go. No pictures to post because of course I had to sit so far back that I couldn't get anything on my crummy camera the first night! The second night I had second row seats and didn't bring my crummy camera becuz I figured I would be too far back! So tonight I will try again and see if I get a single shot. Sydney and Kaylie and then on to the next activity! It has been so fun this week. I love being grama! I get to go to everything and do nothing! Suits me fine! Christmas is coming....and I have to go shopping. Tomorrow is the R.S. shindig and then Friday is company and Grama Darlene's birthday! Actually it is today! Happy 83rd Grama! Sat. is Kaylie's Christmas concert and then the programs will be done. Oh yah, and on Friday, Tom and I will have been married 39 years. We are going to celebrate next week when things calm down. Why would I get married in December is my question! Young and stupid I think was the reason!! But it has been a remarkable 39 years, will lots of mountains and a few valleys. I wouldn't trade any of it though because it has gotten us here and I love where we are! Life is good and I feel content!! I highly recommend marriage for the long term! It gets better and better!!!! So off to the Christmas program I am, hoping for a close up shot! Oh and by the way, Happy Anniversary to Aaron and Gel today! They have been married 14 years. You may wonder how I can remember that! Because they got married two days before our 25th anniversary so I can always do the math! Another side note about weddings. They got married on Grama Darlene's birthday and Bob and Sabe got married on my mother's birthday! Cosmic timing huh?

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Not only have I not blogged in eons but I haven't even checked my mail. Everyone is busy this time of year and I am among them. But tonight was a great time at the annual gift exchange. Good food, good conversation, good gifts. Thanks to Sabra and Shannon, the hostesses with the mostesstes. Next week looks to be as full as the last two with grandchildren's programs, church socials, and birthdays. I am looking forward to it all. Maybe I can remember to take the camera!! Just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you are full of the spirit and in love with your life!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I didn't sleep much last night. This is getting to be a bad habit! I did ponder on camp for a couple of the 4 hours I laid awake. I don't know why I don't get up. I keep thinking I will eventually fall back into oblivion and if I do get up, it is over for sure. Of course if I got up I could actually accomplish something. So therefore, I must be too lazy to get up. Maybe I need a new mattress. I am pretty close to the floor, enveloped in softness by morning. Today is Jade's birthday. Happy 8th Birthday Jaderz. If I am not napping I will take you shopping. Just kidding, I will be there to get you out of school early. How's that for a birthday present?? To all of my dear friends, just wanted to say, Make it a great day and smile! Only 4 years and we can vote again! In case you didn't get the picture, those are the rings I found under my eyes when I finally did get up!!!! Do you think they make me look "tired"???

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smiles All Around

The Primary Program was splendid. We were touched by the Spirit in ways only brought by children. They were ready, willing, and for the most part prepared. They sang their best and all who were there were filled. I was sitting on the floor with my legs bent up under me for most of the time, except when I had to crawl out of the way so the Valiant 8 class could sing in front. My favorite thing was the front row, with all of the little boys trying their best to sit still and pay attention. One of them had his coat wound up around his shoulders whilst he sang in his loudest voice, Called to Serve. I won't name names but I love him to death. At the beginning, when they all came up to sit on the stand, Maverick was determined that he was sitting in the front row too. Unfortunately, the nursery wasn't invited to participate in this event, so I had to have him keep Grampa company in the front row down below. As I was on the floor the entire time, turning the flip chart for the next song, I couldn't see if he lasted the rest of the meeting there. I couldn't see the faces of the parents either and that was dissappointing. I am sure they were all beaming with pride. As a grama, I certainly was. So now this is over, we can move on the the next fun thing on the agenda, and that would be...... Twilight!!!! See you all there!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vampire Business

Is everyone ready? Twilight is coming on! I am more excited for Sabra and her excitement I think. Not that I didn't love the book. Will admit I read it twice. But I wasn't a huge Edward Fan! Gasp! I am a dog lover, so shoot me! I think the evening will be great fun! Anytime one stays up that late, there is sure to be a lot of laughter! Come on Brenda, drink some caffeine and join the party. Look forward to seeing many there! Maybe some other Jacob fan will come out of the closet! I am wondering how many will show up in teeth! Maybe I'll wear fur! Oh wait, Sabra said this party was for more mature fans. Ok, I'll try to act my age. Dang it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Am I weird?

I just read Erica's blog about how weird she is. I was also tagged by Sabra so I thought I might as well take the challenge and post 6 weird things about me. I think I am fairly normal so I am not sure how weird these really are. I think I might have outgrown most of my weirdness as I progress to old age. and maybe in a few years I will be considered just a little eccentric if I am lucky. Ok here goes.
1. I have vivid dreams every night that I can remember in detail. And I used to get up and share them with Bobby at the breakfast table. He also has great dreams and we would take turns telling each other. I miss kids at breakfast.
2. I don't eat breakfast until after I work out. I take a Prilosec instead. Is that weird? Probably not at my age.
3. I hate showers. I love baths. I only take a shower if I am extremely hot or in a big hurry. I love to soak and regret not putting a TV in the tub area. I was going to and then thought that I I was laying in the tub that long, I should probably be doing something a little more productive.
4. I am driven by guilt. If I can feel guilty about anything, I will!
5. I love to read. I stayed in bed one day and read the entire 4th volume of The Work and The Glory, only getting up to pay the pizza delivery guy and go to the bathroom where I also took the book. Tom was out of town with all the boys and Ashley was watching movies. Great day, great book! Stay in Bed days were one of Ashley and my favorite things when she was little.
6.I can't stand to be touched when I sleep. Not my feet or hands or anything. I have to be under the covers, and the heavier they are the better I feel. Makes it difficult when the hot flashes hit but as soon as I cool off, I have to get back under the quilt. I am sure it is driving Tom crazy these days, with all the in and out of the covers going on.
See? I told you I wasn't very weird. Boring maybe, but not so unusual! I even asked Ash if she thought I had anything weird about me and she said she thought I was pretty normal, so there ya go!

Well Iwould tag someone if I had any blogs that I follow other than the ones that have already been tagged. I am still learning this stuff you know!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

I haven't been here in awhile but with all of the hoopla about the election, I thought I should stop and blog! Maybe things will get worse, but maybe things will get better! No one knows! But if they do get worse, well then, they get worse. It is what it is! Follow the council of the Prophet, put your house in order, and fear not. Life is supposed to be a challange. I say we all just do our best, help those in need, and be happy. I know, this doesn't really sound like me right? I am usually the glass is half empty kind of girl. But Sabra inspired me today. Hats off to her. And hey, if nothing else, the first lady is a fabulous dresser. It would be nice if we can all afford new clothes in the next four years, yes? So then, let the good times roll. Come what may, we will all be here together!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The End of the Story

For some reason my computer wasn't computing very well this morning. And neither was I for that matter. So I forgot a couple of items concerning The Party. And I wanted to post a couple of the pictures. When the guests arrived they all put on their new t-shirts and we took a photo op on the staircase before dinner was served. Ashley was here to help me pull it all together. Thank goodness! While I was playing, she was cleaning up the kitchen and getting ready for the next activity. What a wonderful thing to have a daughter. I highly recommend having at least one. Another thing to come from the next mornings activities was a discovery that Sydney loves gardening with Grampa. She helped him plant all of the seeds and we are excited to say that all have come up and we will have salad shortly! And salsa!! Yeah! The extravaganza was all I hoped for and more. We started planning next year. With two more boys coming, we are leaning toward a camping theme! I have duly recovered now and I am making brown bag scrapbooks of the evening delights for each party attendee. I hope to have them all done by Halloween night for their treat bag! Wish me luck!

Success & Recovery

Now that's what I call a Party! All of the guests arrived within minutes of each other and boy, were they stoked. No one was going to be late for this night! We had our gourmet feast of Goblin Stew, monster eyes, Goblin Nuckles, Witch fingers, etc. To drink, it was Vampire Blood over Frozen Eyeballs. (Kaylie and Jade thought the dinner was their favorite thing.) After dinner, we played Man On The Moon, (Dawson's favorite thing about the night). Then we had a ghost hunt. I put words on the bottom of their treat buckets and place cards. (Those were little framed witches with each person's face in the frame. Cute!) Anyway, when I drew their word out of a sack, they got to go ghost hunting. I had hidden enough sacks decorated like ghosts around the house so each little witch and one warlock, too, could make two hunts. I had planned to do it randomly through out the night, but they wanted to do them all at once, so we did. Crafting was Sydney's favorite. We painted wooden pumpkins and decorated Chinese globe lanterns. (Just a side note. Only in Yuma do we have to turn on the swamp cooler in the garage so we can stand the heat at 9PM in October) My favoritne thing was sitting in the dark on the trampoline and each person got to tell a story. We went around the circle a few times and what a funny bunch of kids! We hooted and hollered and had so much fun! Dawson wanted to jump, though, while telling his stories and the girls were not that keen on the idea! We couldn't see very many stars as the moon was so bright. Around 10:30 or so, they all put their feet in the tub, washed away the cooties, and put their new Halloween socks on. Socks guaranteed make the weary bones sleepy. (Dawson removed his immediately following pictures.) He was the first to fall asleep however. We then put on the movie. First choice was The Night Before Christmas! BORING!!! So we tried Hocus Pocus! That was fun and some of the children hadn't seen it and those who had, it had been a long time. We were all entertained. We had popcorn and M&M's in our Monster Hand bags for our treat! Ashley brought donuts for a game we never got around to playing so in the morning, they became Zombie eyes for breakfast. We washed them down with Mummy blood that we turned chocolate with Goblin Poo for those who wanted it. While the kids played outside, I baked the cupcakes and then we had a frosting party. We had frosting from here to there and back, all mixed in with hundreds of sprinkles and sugar drops! Very Fun! I had planned to take everyone home by 10 but we were having too much fun. We wandered into the yard, the sand, and eventually, the water. When all were soaked and smelling much like the dog, I loaded them up in the back of the truck and delivered them to mommy, full of sugar and complete exhaustion! Ahh, I love being the Grandma!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ignore the date in the corner of this picture. I forgot to reset the dang camera. This is the table I have been decorating today in anticipation of tomorrow's 3rd annual Halloweenie Sleepover. Expecting 6 little witches and a warlock too, for some of Grammy's Goblin Stew. If the kids have half as much fun as I have had planning this night, then we will call it stupendous. Will post a rundown on the events after we recover.

Thanks Jay

Hey thanks for opening this up. I am thinking of trying my own blog but will try posting here and see how that goes.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Arrival

Now that I figured out how to get the picture onto the blog, I will try to copy the story.

Time is a funny thing, passing quickly one day and barely moving another. On this particular day, in December of 2002, the clock ticked in slow motion. Jared Dan, the youngest son of four and big brother to sister Ashley was coming home from Taiwan, after serving two years as a missionary.
All preparations for the excitement of the evening to come were done. The bedroom had been thoroughly cleaned from baseboards to ceiling fan. New sheets and pillows were on the bed. A cozy, manly blanket was folded across the foot and a new picture of a moose was on the wall. A cabin motif said, “Hello, welcome to your new space. We love you.” The minutes slowly ticked on.
We were to meet the 6 o’clock p.m. flight from L.A. His brothers had ordered Triple P pizza to be picked up on the way home from the airport. Of course they had his nickname, The Bull, spelled out in pepperoni. The minutes ticked on.
Carla, his babysitter from days of old was bringing the Welcome Home Elder Jerry sign to the house. We waited and waited. Amazingly, the minutes were now rushing by and the anxiety levels rose at about the same pace. After several phone calls and anxious conversations, it was determined that she had better meet us at the airport as the sign was not going to be finished by the time we needed to leave.
His dad was much too relaxed for my levels of adrenaline and I began to pace about, nagging that we had better be leaving now or we were going to miss him getting off of the plane. At last, the minute I had planned to be out of the house arrived and no one could stop me from getting in the car and driving like a maniac to the airport. We arrived about the same time as the rest of the family and began waiting the last half hour of a long two years. Soon I would have my youngest beloved son in my arms again.
My other three sons began to have some fun at my expense. About every 5 minutes one of them would say, “There it is mom, the plane is coming!” and I would cry, “Where, where, I don’t see it!” And everyone would laugh. I was biting my nails and snapping at everyone who came too close. Finally, the plane landed. Then I watched as each person deplaned, thinking the next one had to be the One. And the boys would say, “There he is, see him?” and I would say, “Where, Where, I can’t see him!” And they would laugh.
The last 5 minutes were the longest minutes in the history of my life. And then, by some miracle he was there, walking to me. The family fell back and my little boy, grown into this wonderful, handsome young man, was in my arms and we were hugging and crying. I ruffled his hair and kissed his sweet neck. And it was as if he had been born again and laid into my waiting arms. Only better this time, because I already knew him.
Carla showed up with the Welcome Home sign about 20 minutes after he arrived and I laughed. In minutes, we were home.

The Sport of Blogging
I have been toying with the idea, for some time now, of using this space to record some stories. I thought it might be fun. Then I did some volunteer training for Hospice and one of our assignments was to bring a photo into class and tell the story of that picture. The next time we came to class we were to have written a memoir of that story we shared. The idea behind the exercise was to help us help those who are dying to tell their stories if they chose. What came out of that exercise for me was a desire to write. And where else better to do that than this little space that no one ever reads. That way I won't have to worry about anybody being too harsh with their critiqueing. Is that a word? Anyway, I am determined to give this blogging sport a try. This is the picture that I took to class that day. I titled the story "The Arrival"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seems no one posts much on this since we all live here anyway. Not like we don't keep in touch huh? and do we have any friends who look at it? Who knows huh? Well, I am going to give this one more shot and see if I can add an image just for fun. Hey it worked. This is us the day we hopped the bike for Georgia. You think we look bad here, you should have seen us when we got home:)

Friday, May 23, 2008


Tuesday night I told Bobby I thought I was ready to give boating a try. Friday afternoon, he brings a boat home!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Happy Birthday to Brooke! We are all looking forward to the move and getting to know her better! See you all soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Frankfurter Von Festivus Lemmon 2005-2008

Our beautiful dog passed away this morning. I am at a loss for words (rare). I did want to mark the moment and post a picture in tribute! Frank will be missed!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sea World

hey all

It felt a little weird being at sea world in the middle of Texas but it was a nice park and we had lots of fun none the less.

As you can see I can still shoot a basketball. Kids got to feed and touch the dolphins, go on some rides and see the shows. the Shamu show was real good and the seal and sea otter show was really funny, they got a big kick out of that. Didn't have any pics from Easter.


Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

OK I didn't get it the first time, but now I got it!

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!!! We missed you this year, but I hear you were having a great time at I think Sea World. Here's a Easter pic and a pic of Jared back in Feb at the park where Forrest Gump was, in Savannah. This is my first post, I'm sorry, so I hope it turns out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Try Try again

I am retarded, no doubt. This is the third time.

Ok I think it might work. This is not the best picture but it was a hard ride that day!

On my own

Ok, I am going to give this a great big whirl. and if it does't work, look me up in the physc ward! I organized my pictures, the few I had left from the camera. I lost most in the crash of Jan. but there were some cute ones so I will see if it works. Love to all. I am off the Colorado on the morrow!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here are some great pictures of Jared and Krista with Naomi. I'm helping Mom learn to blog.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Snow Day!!

This is me and this is how I spent a lot of the time while we snowboarded. It was fun and i can't wait to do it again. It was snowing all day and when we were done the truck was so covered in snow (about 3 times more than the picture) we didn't know if we were gonna get down the mountain!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pizza Night

Every Wednesday is pizza night in our home. Buddy is notorious for falling asleep at the most random times in the most random places. I have a little collection going of odd spots we've found him. I thought I would post tonight's though.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hot Rodz!

As we all know Lino & Maverick have become quite the riding/driving duo! Each night they love to bring terror to the residents of 25th Lane! We can't believe the car still goes!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Jason, when do we know if you are moving home or not? Did Jeff get a hold of you with some potential business opportunities? Fill me in.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Went to the mall on Saturday, Jade got some new clothes.

We had fun.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Strider is one year old today!

Monday, January 7, 2008

So I guess this was a waste?

I guess everyone of the Lemmon family except Sabra are just looky-loos, because no one seems to post on this blog. I wonder if anyone even bothers to look at it? Well, Zulema and the kids got home safe from Mexico yesterday afternoon. they enjoyed themselves. Fernanda was very pleased and excited to see her family again and did not want to come back with Zulema, which is fine. I guess Jade was pouting about something down there and Zulema asked her what was the matter and commented that, look and see how happy Fernanda is here. To which Jade replied, "It's because Fernanda is mexican and I am not..." Zulema said it was pretty funny. She can probably tell the whole story a little better as I am telling it second hand. Kids went back to school today but don't know how it went yet. I am at the jail today pulling teeth on the dregs of society. that is it for now.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

So it was great to see everyone over Christmas. Made going back to the hospital very difficult, in fact I haven't actually gone back yet. I am on call today but have not had to go in yet, I will be leaving here, shortly. Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope to see you all real soon.

Anybody out there?

I don't know if anyone reads this blog. Certainly, no one posts on it! I've been pretty active with, but I will post a picture or two on this one.

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