Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The End of the Story

For some reason my computer wasn't computing very well this morning. And neither was I for that matter. So I forgot a couple of items concerning The Party. And I wanted to post a couple of the pictures. When the guests arrived they all put on their new t-shirts and we took a photo op on the staircase before dinner was served. Ashley was here to help me pull it all together. Thank goodness! While I was playing, she was cleaning up the kitchen and getting ready for the next activity. What a wonderful thing to have a daughter. I highly recommend having at least one. Another thing to come from the next mornings activities was a discovery that Sydney loves gardening with Grampa. She helped him plant all of the seeds and we are excited to say that all have come up and we will have salad shortly! And salsa!! Yeah! The extravaganza was all I hoped for and more. We started planning next year. With two more boys coming, we are leaning toward a camping theme! I have duly recovered now and I am making brown bag scrapbooks of the evening delights for each party attendee. I hope to have them all done by Halloween night for their treat bag! Wish me luck!

Success & Recovery

Now that's what I call a Party! All of the guests arrived within minutes of each other and boy, were they stoked. No one was going to be late for this night! We had our gourmet feast of Goblin Stew, monster eyes, Goblin Nuckles, Witch fingers, etc. To drink, it was Vampire Blood over Frozen Eyeballs. (Kaylie and Jade thought the dinner was their favorite thing.) After dinner, we played Man On The Moon, (Dawson's favorite thing about the night). Then we had a ghost hunt. I put words on the bottom of their treat buckets and place cards. (Those were little framed witches with each person's face in the frame. Cute!) Anyway, when I drew their word out of a sack, they got to go ghost hunting. I had hidden enough sacks decorated like ghosts around the house so each little witch and one warlock, too, could make two hunts. I had planned to do it randomly through out the night, but they wanted to do them all at once, so we did. Crafting was Sydney's favorite. We painted wooden pumpkins and decorated Chinese globe lanterns. (Just a side note. Only in Yuma do we have to turn on the swamp cooler in the garage so we can stand the heat at 9PM in October) My favoritne thing was sitting in the dark on the trampoline and each person got to tell a story. We went around the circle a few times and what a funny bunch of kids! We hooted and hollered and had so much fun! Dawson wanted to jump, though, while telling his stories and the girls were not that keen on the idea! We couldn't see very many stars as the moon was so bright. Around 10:30 or so, they all put their feet in the tub, washed away the cooties, and put their new Halloween socks on. Socks guaranteed make the weary bones sleepy. (Dawson removed his immediately following pictures.) He was the first to fall asleep however. We then put on the movie. First choice was The Night Before Christmas! BORING!!! So we tried Hocus Pocus! That was fun and some of the children hadn't seen it and those who had, it had been a long time. We were all entertained. We had popcorn and M&M's in our Monster Hand bags for our treat! Ashley brought donuts for a game we never got around to playing so in the morning, they became Zombie eyes for breakfast. We washed them down with Mummy blood that we turned chocolate with Goblin Poo for those who wanted it. While the kids played outside, I baked the cupcakes and then we had a frosting party. We had frosting from here to there and back, all mixed in with hundreds of sprinkles and sugar drops! Very Fun! I had planned to take everyone home by 10 but we were having too much fun. We wandered into the yard, the sand, and eventually, the water. When all were soaked and smelling much like the dog, I loaded them up in the back of the truck and delivered them to mommy, full of sugar and complete exhaustion! Ahh, I love being the Grandma!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ignore the date in the corner of this picture. I forgot to reset the dang camera. This is the table I have been decorating today in anticipation of tomorrow's 3rd annual Halloweenie Sleepover. Expecting 6 little witches and a warlock too, for some of Grammy's Goblin Stew. If the kids have half as much fun as I have had planning this night, then we will call it stupendous. Will post a rundown on the events after we recover.

Thanks Jay

Hey thanks for opening this up. I am thinking of trying my own blog but will try posting here and see how that goes.

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