Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ignore the date in the corner of this picture. I forgot to reset the dang camera. This is the table I have been decorating today in anticipation of tomorrow's 3rd annual Halloweenie Sleepover. Expecting 6 little witches and a warlock too, for some of Grammy's Goblin Stew. If the kids have half as much fun as I have had planning this night, then we will call it stupendous. Will post a rundown on the events after we recover.


Sabra said...

Looks fabulous!

ashes said...

it was fun mom. thanks for including me!

Tina said...

So you said you would post a rundown after you recovered. I'm thinking you should have recovered by now....;)

Looks like great fun!

Blogging with Deb said...

Wow! you're blogging!! Just found it!! Thanks for commenting on mine.
Have a great week! Deb!

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