Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I didn't sleep much last night. This is getting to be a bad habit! I did ponder on camp for a couple of the 4 hours I laid awake. I don't know why I don't get up. I keep thinking I will eventually fall back into oblivion and if I do get up, it is over for sure. Of course if I got up I could actually accomplish something. So therefore, I must be too lazy to get up. Maybe I need a new mattress. I am pretty close to the floor, enveloped in softness by morning. Today is Jade's birthday. Happy 8th Birthday Jaderz. If I am not napping I will take you shopping. Just kidding, I will be there to get you out of school early. How's that for a birthday present?? To all of my dear friends, just wanted to say, Make it a great day and smile! Only 4 years and we can vote again! In case you didn't get the picture, those are the rings I found under my eyes when I finally did get up!!!! Do you think they make me look "tired"???

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smiles All Around

The Primary Program was splendid. We were touched by the Spirit in ways only brought by children. They were ready, willing, and for the most part prepared. They sang their best and all who were there were filled. I was sitting on the floor with my legs bent up under me for most of the time, except when I had to crawl out of the way so the Valiant 8 class could sing in front. My favorite thing was the front row, with all of the little boys trying their best to sit still and pay attention. One of them had his coat wound up around his shoulders whilst he sang in his loudest voice, Called to Serve. I won't name names but I love him to death. At the beginning, when they all came up to sit on the stand, Maverick was determined that he was sitting in the front row too. Unfortunately, the nursery wasn't invited to participate in this event, so I had to have him keep Grampa company in the front row down below. As I was on the floor the entire time, turning the flip chart for the next song, I couldn't see if he lasted the rest of the meeting there. I couldn't see the faces of the parents either and that was dissappointing. I am sure they were all beaming with pride. As a grama, I certainly was. So now this is over, we can move on the the next fun thing on the agenda, and that would be...... Twilight!!!! See you all there!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vampire Business

Is everyone ready? Twilight is coming on! I am more excited for Sabra and her excitement I think. Not that I didn't love the book. Will admit I read it twice. But I wasn't a huge Edward Fan! Gasp! I am a dog lover, so shoot me! I think the evening will be great fun! Anytime one stays up that late, there is sure to be a lot of laughter! Come on Brenda, drink some caffeine and join the party. Look forward to seeing many there! Maybe some other Jacob fan will come out of the closet! I am wondering how many will show up in teeth! Maybe I'll wear fur! Oh wait, Sabra said this party was for more mature fans. Ok, I'll try to act my age. Dang it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Am I weird?

I just read Erica's blog about how weird she is. I was also tagged by Sabra so I thought I might as well take the challenge and post 6 weird things about me. I think I am fairly normal so I am not sure how weird these really are. I think I might have outgrown most of my weirdness as I progress to old age. and maybe in a few years I will be considered just a little eccentric if I am lucky. Ok here goes.
1. I have vivid dreams every night that I can remember in detail. And I used to get up and share them with Bobby at the breakfast table. He also has great dreams and we would take turns telling each other. I miss kids at breakfast.
2. I don't eat breakfast until after I work out. I take a Prilosec instead. Is that weird? Probably not at my age.
3. I hate showers. I love baths. I only take a shower if I am extremely hot or in a big hurry. I love to soak and regret not putting a TV in the tub area. I was going to and then thought that I I was laying in the tub that long, I should probably be doing something a little more productive.
4. I am driven by guilt. If I can feel guilty about anything, I will!
5. I love to read. I stayed in bed one day and read the entire 4th volume of The Work and The Glory, only getting up to pay the pizza delivery guy and go to the bathroom where I also took the book. Tom was out of town with all the boys and Ashley was watching movies. Great day, great book! Stay in Bed days were one of Ashley and my favorite things when she was little.
6.I can't stand to be touched when I sleep. Not my feet or hands or anything. I have to be under the covers, and the heavier they are the better I feel. Makes it difficult when the hot flashes hit but as soon as I cool off, I have to get back under the quilt. I am sure it is driving Tom crazy these days, with all the in and out of the covers going on.
See? I told you I wasn't very weird. Boring maybe, but not so unusual! I even asked Ash if she thought I had anything weird about me and she said she thought I was pretty normal, so there ya go!

Well Iwould tag someone if I had any blogs that I follow other than the ones that have already been tagged. I am still learning this stuff you know!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

I haven't been here in awhile but with all of the hoopla about the election, I thought I should stop and blog! Maybe things will get worse, but maybe things will get better! No one knows! But if they do get worse, well then, they get worse. It is what it is! Follow the council of the Prophet, put your house in order, and fear not. Life is supposed to be a challange. I say we all just do our best, help those in need, and be happy. I know, this doesn't really sound like me right? I am usually the glass is half empty kind of girl. But Sabra inspired me today. Hats off to her. And hey, if nothing else, the first lady is a fabulous dresser. It would be nice if we can all afford new clothes in the next four years, yes? So then, let the good times roll. Come what may, we will all be here together!

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