Sunday, November 9, 2008

Am I weird?

I just read Erica's blog about how weird she is. I was also tagged by Sabra so I thought I might as well take the challenge and post 6 weird things about me. I think I am fairly normal so I am not sure how weird these really are. I think I might have outgrown most of my weirdness as I progress to old age. and maybe in a few years I will be considered just a little eccentric if I am lucky. Ok here goes.
1. I have vivid dreams every night that I can remember in detail. And I used to get up and share them with Bobby at the breakfast table. He also has great dreams and we would take turns telling each other. I miss kids at breakfast.
2. I don't eat breakfast until after I work out. I take a Prilosec instead. Is that weird? Probably not at my age.
3. I hate showers. I love baths. I only take a shower if I am extremely hot or in a big hurry. I love to soak and regret not putting a TV in the tub area. I was going to and then thought that I I was laying in the tub that long, I should probably be doing something a little more productive.
4. I am driven by guilt. If I can feel guilty about anything, I will!
5. I love to read. I stayed in bed one day and read the entire 4th volume of The Work and The Glory, only getting up to pay the pizza delivery guy and go to the bathroom where I also took the book. Tom was out of town with all the boys and Ashley was watching movies. Great day, great book! Stay in Bed days were one of Ashley and my favorite things when she was little.
6.I can't stand to be touched when I sleep. Not my feet or hands or anything. I have to be under the covers, and the heavier they are the better I feel. Makes it difficult when the hot flashes hit but as soon as I cool off, I have to get back under the quilt. I am sure it is driving Tom crazy these days, with all the in and out of the covers going on.
See? I told you I wasn't very weird. Boring maybe, but not so unusual! I even asked Ash if she thought I had anything weird about me and she said she thought I was pretty normal, so there ya go!

Well Iwould tag someone if I had any blogs that I follow other than the ones that have already been tagged. I am still learning this stuff you know!!


Sabra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sabra said...

You're weirder than you're letting on! Who else would opt to vacation on a motorcycle rather than in their Cadillac?

P.S. That's my deleted post.

Tina said...

Not so weird...:)

You must keep your a/c pretty cold though, to be able to stand to be under a quilt!

I wish I could remember my dreams. I am positive that if I did, I could become a best selling author, like Stephanie Meyer....;)

Annette said...

Ahhh...I remember stay in bed days. Heaven! Can't wait to have another one someday after I'm done producing kids and they are old enough to enjoy them with me! Of course, then I'll miss the baby days. Sigh.

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