Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the Subject of Christmas Trees

Sabra told me about a contest for Christmas Trees. I thought I would try to enter it but I am not sure I know how. So I will post this and then see how it goes. Apparently you post pictures of your tree on your blog and some tips for decorating it and then enter a link. So here is my attempt at the tree this year! Remember I am using a crummy camera, not to mention the skill of the photographer! I do better at decorating trees.

Decorating Tips I Have Found Useful
I always start at the top and using a fake tree makes it easier. I decorate the top while it is apart as I would a floral arrangment and then put it up on the tree. I then add any garland before beginning on the ornaments. I group the ornaments into like piles and then add them to the tree. I wish I could say that decorating the tree is the highlight of my Christmas but alas, it is not. I prefer to decorate the shelves and tables. But you have to have a tree to go along with the rest, so I try to do it first and get it done. I do like a fancy tree and have been collecting ornaments for several years after fading out the country look. My tree is too short for my house I am now living in so instead of buying a new one when I moved, my handy husband built me a stool to put it up on and then I use yards of fabric to swirl about the bottom. I love fabric garland also as it fills in lots of bare spots. And fake trees are great because you can just move the branch where you need it. Also, branches of berries stuck in here and there are great filler. So that's how I do it and there it is!

More Lunacy?

Thanks Sabra for the comment reminding me about Sunday night. I had forgotten. I had better start looking at the calendar. Just a note on the last program I was off to when I posted last time. No pictures of that one as I actually forgot the camera. Tom offered me his throw-away when we got there but I was too prideful and didn't want to be laughed out the door:) So I missed the shot but the program was very entertaining and the girls looked like they were having fun. I thought that was the last program but I heard from Krista that Naomi was having one on Thurs. As I was tied up with Relief Society, Granpa had to go it alone. I asked him how it went and he said it was chaos, but that Naomi did great on her 3 words:) Company arrived on time and we had Grandma's dinner and then all the family arrived and more chaos ensued but we all had a fun visit. Of course I didn't have the camera so no pictures. But Deb took a couple and said she would email them to me so I will have one to remember the occasion. Fun note to the evening, Ben Mucha and his wife and daughter came over. We hadn't seen them since Ashley's wedding so that was fun. Now, today the company leaves and we have Kaylie's Christmas Concert for the PHIL-AM association fundraiser. She is nervous but I know she will do great! I will try to remember the camera!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Programs & Then Some

Well, two down and one to go. No pictures to post because of course I had to sit so far back that I couldn't get anything on my crummy camera the first night! The second night I had second row seats and didn't bring my crummy camera becuz I figured I would be too far back! So tonight I will try again and see if I get a single shot. Sydney and Kaylie and then on to the next activity! It has been so fun this week. I love being grama! I get to go to everything and do nothing! Suits me fine! Christmas is coming....and I have to go shopping. Tomorrow is the R.S. shindig and then Friday is company and Grama Darlene's birthday! Actually it is today! Happy 83rd Grama! Sat. is Kaylie's Christmas concert and then the programs will be done. Oh yah, and on Friday, Tom and I will have been married 39 years. We are going to celebrate next week when things calm down. Why would I get married in December is my question! Young and stupid I think was the reason!! But it has been a remarkable 39 years, will lots of mountains and a few valleys. I wouldn't trade any of it though because it has gotten us here and I love where we are! Life is good and I feel content!! I highly recommend marriage for the long term! It gets better and better!!!! So off to the Christmas program I am, hoping for a close up shot! Oh and by the way, Happy Anniversary to Aaron and Gel today! They have been married 14 years. You may wonder how I can remember that! Because they got married two days before our 25th anniversary so I can always do the math! Another side note about weddings. They got married on Grama Darlene's birthday and Bob and Sabe got married on my mother's birthday! Cosmic timing huh?

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Not only have I not blogged in eons but I haven't even checked my mail. Everyone is busy this time of year and I am among them. But tonight was a great time at the annual gift exchange. Good food, good conversation, good gifts. Thanks to Sabra and Shannon, the hostesses with the mostesstes. Next week looks to be as full as the last two with grandchildren's programs, church socials, and birthdays. I am looking forward to it all. Maybe I can remember to take the camera!! Just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you are full of the spirit and in love with your life!

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