Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Pictures of the Ages

I still have yet to master this blog machine. Apparently the pictures don't publish in the order you start with. And they will only take 4 or 5 per post I gather. A safe guard for the reader no doubt, so they don't die from boredom in front of the computer. So here are a couple more of the life and times of Tom & Patty. I would try to lable them but I am sure to lable them out of order. Read on for the actual anniversary post.

Forty Years in Living Color

I don't know why the pictures didn't download to my post but I am trying again. Don't worry, I didn't put forty full years in, not even close. Just a few down through the ages.

Just A Couple of Innocents who had no idea what life was!

Happy Anniversarys

Happy Anniversary first to Aaron and Gel. They were married on the 10th of December, two days before our 25th. It was some party that year. I wanted to throw another one but.....
Bob Seger might say "Forty years, where'd they go? Forty years, I don't know where they've gone!" We celebrated at DisneyLand, where we wanted to go on our honeymoon. lo those many years ago, but had no money. We actually borrowed $200. from Max and went to San Diego Zoo and Sea World, and stayed 3 nights in a motel. Wow, all for 200 dollars. Can you imagine?! We had a wonderful time at Disneyland and rode the roller coasters over and over. I told Tom riding them was pretty much like our life together. A lot of ups and downs, high peaks, and low valleys and every once in a while, we would be thrown for a couple of loops. Sometimes we would just hold on tight, breathe deep, and hope we stayed on the track. And then there were times in the last 40 years where we would be at the top of the highest pinnacle, where for a brief, shining moment we could see forever and what a view. I loved the old lady in the movie Parenthood who told her family about the roller coaster and the merry-go-round. I like the roller coaster better too!! Our life together has been an amazing ride! Someone once asked me if I was single again someday, would I remarry. I told him probably not and he asked why? And I still stand by the answer all these years later, that once you have had the best, it would all be down hill from there. I could go on and on about the last forty years but let it suffice to say, I have been loved and taught by the most unselfish person I have ever know, who protects and serves me daily. I would be lost without him. He is my anchor and my sail. I look forward to eternity with him by my side. Happy Anniversary Tom.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Champion

Yesterday, Gramdpa and I had the exciting opportunity to see Sydney show her new horse Bell. She was awesome. She won 3 ribbons for her collection and looked so cute on that big horse. We are so proud of her. I don't know much about horses but Sydney seemed to handle her well. She got her to do what she wanted and looked like she had fun. Way to Go Sydney!!! We love you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It Was A Party

I am finally getting around to posting a couple of pictures of our amazing 4th Annual Halloweenie SleepOver. We went ahead and had the party the week of the flood. I manage with the help of my work horse hubby, to get the house back together and we partied into the wee hours. I made each guest an apron tucked in a bag with lots of goodies. My theme was skeletons so they got a bandana covered with the motif to match their aprons, along with a necklace of bones and an eyepatch. They were all the cutest pirates this side of the islands. We had chili pepper with the trimmings for dinner. Everyone was plenty full though they all wondered why I didn't have little name tags for each item on the menu, like last year. Sorry kids, you were lucky to get the party at that point, what with the water rising and all. We did all of their favorite things from Man on the Moon to hunting ghosts. We watched falling stars and talked on the tramp until it grew too chilly even with every blanket we could find in the house . Then we bedded down to a movie and all were asleep within half an hour. Next morning, we cooked ghost pancakes, scrambled eggs and then played until noon. It was especially memorable for me as I do not anticipate Kaylie will be with us again. She is now 12 and gone off to foreign lands to be famous. Next year we will have new guest list that includes 2 more boys so the dynamics will be entirely different, but I am sure just as joyful. I look forward to it with anticipation and new ideas to make memories that will hopefully last a lifetime for both them and me.

The Missing Pirate

For some reason I do not seem to have a picture of Sydney in the chair. I thought I had everyone that night. Maybe she was off hunting ghosts but I do have one of her the next morning in the yard so here it is. Sorry Syd, I don't know where the other picture went or if in fact, there was another one.

More Halloweenie Party Pirates

Here are a few more pictures from the party I just posted about.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Should'a ! Could'a ! Would'a !

It was around 11:30 pm, just drifting off to sleep. I heard the water come on and thought, "hm, that's odd,I don't usually hear the sprinklers. Oh well, don't wake Tom, he probably just wants to wet the grass really well for the seed." I then turned over and drifted to sleep, listening to the lullaby of water running. 3:30 AM
I hear Tom saying,"Dear, ya better get up, we have a huge mess!" I bounded out of bed to a squish and a splash! I should have shook him awake, I could have, I had the thought. I would have but I talked myself out of it and now.....Ahh,hindsight!! We mopped for a couple of hours and went back to bed. At that point we thought it was contained in the laundry room where the pipe under the sink broke. When we got up this morning and surveyed the damage we realized how extensive it was. We have taken up all the pad and carpet from the bedroom, the wood in the hall closet is still oozing water, the wood in the hall is drying and we are hoping it won't buckle. We have unloaded the bookshelf in the family room, ready to take it apart to get the carpet dried under it. The water seeped to a few feet in the middle of that room. We are hoping to dry it out with a shopvac and some more fans. The house is pretty much in disarray and so I sit here and share the whole of it with my keyboard. Went to stake conference and heard a great talk by Nicki Olsen on how life is a test. Sure enough it is and I am "immersed" in it at the moment. But things always have an upside to them if we look. Like, this could have happened when we were out of town for the night. Tom could have slept straight through and it would have run another few hours. Some of it drained out in the laundry room floor so that's a plus. And it's just water, carpet, and a mess. No one is hurt or sick or dead! A mess can be cleaned up with patience! Well, that's the tale of our 2009 flood. I hope I get it all put together by Friday or I will have to re-schedule the Halloweenie Sleepover to next Friday. That would be ok as it would be the weekend of Halloween anyway! So, everyone out there, have a great day for me!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween is just Around the Corner.

I love October. Especially when the weather changes. But mostly because it is the month of Halloween!!! Yeah!!! Can a whole month have gone the wayside since I last visited this page? Apparently so! I would post pictures of our great trip to Colorado but alas, they are still safely secure in the camera. They are pretty boring anyway but when I do get them onto the computer, I may post some of the more scenic ones. We had a fabulous time, covering Zion National Park, up through Utah to Salt Lake and on over to Durango. Perfect weather most of the way, even through the desert. We left around 5:30 am and came back around 10:30 pm and it was cool both ways. Time has flown since returning home. Between grandkids, projects, volunteer stuff, and an elderly parent, I seem to wear myself out every day and have no problem sleeping the late evening away on the couch. I haven't even taken time to read a book this month!! How did that happen??! I am now in the throws of working out details for "Grama's Halloweenie SleepOver", scheduled for next Friday night. I am looking forward to it! These pictures are from the 2nd year Sleepover, when we just had 4 little girls here and then the 3rd year (last year) when we had a few more. (I guess I lost the 1st year pictures when the computer crashed!) This year the guest list will remain the same. When you are in Kindergarten, then you get to come. So next year there shall be NINE! But for now only 7 will partake of the festivities!!! So Fun!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am grateful for modern medicine. I am grateful for a place to go when pain is so excruciating that a grown man weeps. But THIS hospital???? It does leave a lot to be desired. Tom is home now and improving daily. It was a long week. And so out of the blue to end up there last weekend. He has been so healthy lately. He went in with acute pancreatitis and came out with some bad bacteria that now requires this horrible antibiotic that makes him weird. I could go on and on about the negatives in this hospital but suffice it to say that if and when he gets another attack, we have decided to head to the ER at Scripps. We are sure he will be admitted and on pain medicine and the road to recovery before he can get out of the ER here. I do appreciate the kind nurses. We had a couple of them and though they lacked some skill, they were caring and somewhat attentive. We are looking forward to his full recovery so we can get on with our ride. We were supposed to leave this Monday but looks like we will have to postpone for a little while until he gets strong enough to hold up the motorcycle. I am crazy for the fall colors up north so am looking forward.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dog Days

I can definitely feel the end of summer coming, the days known to me since childhood as the "Dog Days of Summer"! I have no idea where the phrase came from other than my mother has lots of those little tidbits she has taught me over the years. Last week we had an especially exciting day involving an actual dog, a dog named Tobee, my dog to be precise. The boys, Buddy, Tiny, and Lino were playing with me and Tobee and 3 hoses. Now Tobee's favorite thing to do is play in the water. We were having a great time spraying her, watching her jump and do flips, biting the water. She is crazy. We played for quite some time and then moved on to making boats and castles. I noticed as we sat to eat popcicles that Tobee was acting a little funny, walking crooked and just not moving normally. I called her to me and she was barely breathing. I thought she must be having a heat stroke so I took her quickly to the sink and hosed the dirt off of her. She felt cool, her nose and ears were cool to the touch. But her breathing was becoming more and more labored. So I put her down and she went right into her kennel. I called the vet, described her symptoms and she said to bring her right in. But I had 3 little boys, covered in mud. What to do. Tom was out to lunch. So I yelled at them, they were still out in the mud, and told them to come quickly and get in the car. No questions, just run fast. They did and I dropped them at Lino's house, mud and all, no lunch, on the door step. The nanny came to the door, she doesn't speak English well and I shoved the boys into the house and told her my dog was sick and I had to go. I have no idea what she thought but I felt bad about the mess the boys were in. Anyway, I raced to the vet and just knew my dog was going to die in my arms before I got there. They took her right in, gave her some oxygen and stabalized her. To make a really long story shorter, she basicly had inhaled the water to her lungs and was suffering from fluid in her lungs. We had basicly about drowned her. She also was over heated, and had gulped so much air her stomach was 3 times bigger that it should have been. They put her on IV fluids and medicing to take the fluid out of her lungs and tissues. She came home for the night because they had no one to watch her and then I took her back in the morning for another 8 hours. She's back to normal now, barking and annoying Tom to no end, but it was scary. Anyone who knows me knows how attached I am to my dog. So this week when the boys come to play with Grama, Tobee is restricted to the house and from the hose. I would have taken pictures of our fun in the sun but Tom had "the camera" somewhere.... I am saving to buy my own! I guess I should just get batteries for the old one and use it until I get the new one.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camp and Then

First there was camp and then there wasn't. It seemed to come fast and leave even faster! I had a great time at Camp Zion and will hold all those memories dear to my heart but I can't say that I am much melancholy over the end of it all. I will miss working with all those fun ladies I have grown to love though, most of all. And I will miss getting to know different YCL's each year. And I will miss, ok wait, now I am a little bit sad so I won't go on about that!!! Here are a couple of pictures from this year. We laughed and laughed as usual and cried some too. That's camp. The funny story of the year was... the quilt or should I say quilts. The wards all made quilts as a service project and I wanted the stake leaders to give one to Sonnet as a surprise. So Renae, our quilting guru and I selected and cut the fabric and then I sewed it up. I was so excited to present it to her. Unknownst to me, she had decided they should do one for me and so we each had a quilt to give the other. Surpise!!!! We came home a day earlier that usual because of the 4th of July and I think everyone was pretty happy about that. I slept most of my birthday away, worn out and coming down with the flu. I spent the following week in bed, recuperating. Then we took off to Hawaii, the Big Island. Tom and I had a splendid time, laying around, sipping Pina Coladas and reading. The island was a little dissapointing, all covered in lava as it was, but never the less, it was Hawaii so how bad could it be, right? We rented a boat so we could see the coastline but Tom got sea sick so that was a bummer. We saw lots of lava flows and some rain forest. Tom turned into this camera nazi and I didn't take very many pictures. Bobby got a new camera for New Zealand and Tom really liked it so he went and got the same one. But he doesn't like it when I use it I guess cuz he won't take it off his belt. I think I will have to get one of my own. We did get a couple of shots but he took almost all of them himself. Which is hilarious because we have been married 40 years and he had never been the one to take pictures. Funny man!! So now we are home agin, home again, jiggiety jig!!! We will see what the lovely month of August holds in store for us!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Day

You know how most days you get up with a plan in hand. And most days it unfolds differently than designed? Well, today was one of those days. And it was the best day!! Of course I have no pictures as I left the camera on the counter. I was invited by Jade to come to her awards ceremony in her class room this morning. When I got there I found out that Kaylie was having her 6th grade graduation. So after Jade's class was done, I ran to the graduation just in time to see Kaylie get her diploma. Then I ran back to Mallory's to watch her get her awards and then over to Malaya's room. I didn't make it for all of her awards but was there for one. So then I decided we should all go to lunch so I went to Sydney's class and kidnapped her and then we all set out for Triple P. After stuffing ourselves we headed over to the 99Cent store where we killed a few dollars and an hour. We had so much fun! I loved the last day of school when I was a child and today I was happy to experience the fun with 5 of the most beautiful granddaughters in the world. They keep me young at heart. Today was my BEST DAY!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sunday Jared blessed our new granddaughter, Alexis Reign Lemmon. It was a wonderful blessing and I felt blessed to have been there. She is our 13th grandchild. My cup is full to overflowing! This picture is of some but not all of the family. Grandpa had a Bishopric meeting, and Zulema was home with sick children. Tanya Thompson happend to be walking by and I snagged her to take this shot. I love it. Sabra had to chase down Maverick and he was no way going to get his picture taken. And I especially love the look on Lino's face. And we call Naomi the poser. Every time I take her picture, she poses. She will probably grow up to model one day!! We all had some laughs, especially when Tanya showed us our family picture that she carries in her scriptures. We were all amazed that she would have it, for one thing, and then we laughed about how funny we all looked in it. It was taken around 1989 or 1990. Jason referred to it as the Cardigan picture. The boys all had sweaters on. Funny!! And Jared is leaning into the picture like he was just some kid who walked by and wanted to be part of it. One of the kids said they could't believe we paid for that picture. It is the only professional family photo we ever had taken. We do have one other and it was actually taken in the produce department at El Rancho Market in 1982! Now that one is hilarious. I always love how families get together every year for an annual picture. For some reason, I just never made that happen. I think it's because I have never liked one picture of myself, ever! I have great pictures of the boys and Ashley and even a couple of Tom. But I just can't get one of me that makes me glad I had it taken! I am not what you call photogenic. I need to be Photoshopped!!! Anyway, the day was wonderful and in the evening, most everyone came over. We missed Aaron's family but the rest of us had some laughs and watched the cousins play. I am so blessed!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Sorry to say we have had no April showers to speak of but the flowers seem to be blooming quite nicely in the yard!

When I was a little girl we used to celebrate May Day. I would decorate baskets, sometimes the little ones strawberries came in, weaving ribbon in and out to make them pretty, or making whem out of paper, into little cones with ribbon. Then I would go pick dandelions to fill them and hang them on the neighbors door, ring the bell and run. Such fun! Where have all the flowers gone!! And the traditions and fun of a simple life? Well, no matter. Happy May Day. And here is a bouquet for anyone who reads the ramblings of a nostalgic granni!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forgot to add the pictures to my Spring Break Sleepover with the girls. We had breakfast and went to the park. (Earlier Post) These are pics of the girls fixing breakfast and the menu and place settings. We also said the "Pledge of Allegience" at breakfast. Malaya or Mallory made the flag and taped it up on the wall so we could say it before breakfast. So funny! We said it with great conviction!

Spring Break At The Zoo

I forgot that I went to the San Diego Zoo with 4 of the grandkids the first week of spring break. What can I say, it was 2 weeks ago. But I downloaded pictures from the camera and there they were to remind me of the fun time we had. We left on Monday morning and headed directly to the beach, where I sat ensconsed in blanket, sweater, jacket, and shoes and socks. The kids all had swimming suits on. We buried them in the sand. They chased the birds and built sand castles. When their lips were blue we packed them up and headed over to the rollercoaster at Bellmont Park. We rode the Merry Go Round and a couple of other rides, the headed to the hotel. There they immediately sought out the pool and continued to cool their body temps to just above freezing. I stayed under 2 huge towels and shivered most of the time. It was even too cold to get in the hot tub. After everyone had showers and warmed up Zulema and I couldn't bring ourselves to load them all up for dinner. So we ordered room service. Grandpa is still trying to float a loan to pay for that but oh it was so worth it. Jade,Dawson, Brooke, and Naomi all thought it was the best! After watching Beverly Hills Chihauha and some other movie I don't recall, we decided to get them to bed. Since we had 6 of us, Zulema had brought her blowup mattress. But it was in the car which we had Valet parked. so she went down, got them to bring the car around, and she lugged this thing up to the room. It had to weigh 50 pounds I swear. Then she unfolded it to blow up with the electric pump. The pump that Jason forgot to put back into the bag when they used it last. So the kids slept on the floor and didn't seem to be any worse for it. Early, well not that early, we got up and headed to the zoo, via MCDonalds. OH YEAH, TOYS Pancakes all around! Then off we went. Had a fun bus ride, saw all the snakes, oooh, and went to the petting pens. Most of the animals were resting from being petted so that was a little dissapointing. But still, you don't get to pet a goat that often in the city!! Then we rode the tram, saw the polar bears and rode back in time to catch the sea lion show. I enjoyed it but the kids thought it was too short. Hey, this is the zoo, not Sea World! By now it is mid afternoon. The kids are tired and whiny so they want to leave. We did have lunch at one point and snacks a couple of times but they were pretty much done. As we headed out the gate I remembered that last time I was at the zoo I had missed the gorillas so I determined that we had to see them this time. So we all hiked down the long hill, glimpsed them from behind a wall of people before they fled to the other side of their enclosure and hiked back up the hill,which by now was twice as long. Naomi had a little accident and we had no extra clothes so used Dawson's sweatshirt to wrap around her waist. This did not please Dawson at all and he walked the entire way to the parking lot, giving us dirty looks over his shoulder and clenching and unclenching his fists. His mom told him he had better stop being so mad by the time we got to the car or she was going to leave him. You could see him trying to get over it but when we got to the car he had reached meltdown stage and cried long and hard. Not because Naomi was wearing his shirt but because we didn't go to Tiger River to see the tigers. I had no idea Tiger River was that important or we surely would have made the effort to hike one more enormous hill! After about 20 minutes all was calm and we had a fun ride home. That was our Spring Break Trip To The Zoo and we all have fond memories and pictures, too.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lost in Time

I don't know where the last few weeks have gone. I feel like I am in a wave of endless days, flowing and ebbing with such swiftness, that I am continually tredding with out getting out of the water. Conference was wonderful. I wish I could recall every quote that touched my heart. I wish I could recall one even! I guess I feel lucky I can recall watching it at all. I am grateful that they come written so we can feast over and over. Spring break was a delight even if I don't go to school. I had lots of fun with all of the kiddies! We went to the fair and all came home with the most delightful hats! Of course, I didn't have the camera! I want to get a picture and when I do I will post it. One night, the 3 middle girls spent the night. I got up at 3am to find them giggling in the kitchen. What are you guys doing? Just stuff. ok well, keep it down and go to bed pretty soon. Ok grammy! The next morning I came out to find the table all set with decorated napkins, name tags, and a menu. They were so excited! They made eggs, waffles, juice. In the middle of the night, the peeled I don't know how many tangelos and cut up all the strawberries and mixed them with cinnamon! YUM! We had a very festive breakfast, after which we went to the park and played. I did have the camera this time. Oh, I love those little girls!!! I am so blessed to have all of my perfect grandchildren right here! How I love being grandma! They are so good to me!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Oh how I love babies. We got a new one, on St. Patty's Day even! No they are not calling her Patty after me, thank goodness for that! They are calling her Alexis Reign, Lexi for short. She is so teeny, weighing in at 5lbs,8oz. 18 1/2 inches. Perfect. Some dark brown hair and the sweetest little face! I am in love. Naomi and I have been hanging out for the last two days and she is so excited to be Big Tiger! That's what her daddy calls her in Chinese. She used to be Shahu (little tiger. Now she is dahu, Big Tiger. Naomi loves to do projects and is now at my elbow, wanting to do a bunny rabbit puppet project so I think I had better post this and get with it! She is standing here having a conversation with me, apparently about random thoughts in her head. She just said, "It sure takes Jesus a long time to come back doesn't it?" And "Does Tobee cry a lot?" And "Are you almost done?" All said with her little lisp. I love her!!! I do apologize for the photos. I am the world's worst photographer. I know that! I do try, but what can I say? And I can not figure out for the life of me how to get the pictures where I want them on the page. Still working on that!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monkey On My Back

You know how, when you have something that you need to but you would just rather it went away, it just hangs on your back and weighs you down. And the funny thing is that the longer you carry it around, the heavier it becomes. So then you finally decide to do it and it isn't that heavy of an ordeal at all. Well, maybe a little but when it is all said and done, you are glad not only to have it over, but even a little puzzled as to why you procrastinated the ordeal to begin with! That happened to me today. For weeks now Tom has been after me to can his beloved beets. He grows them with pleasure and picks and eats them relish! All I am required to do is cook the bleedin' things! Some nights I will even nibble one or two. I finally went in search of all ingredients and jars needed today. After only two stops I had everything required and was home and in the kitchen by 1:30. I will admit, not with the best of attitudes I began. Tom was right there for each step and helped peel and fill the jars. It wasn't until he reminded me of all the projects that I ask him to do for me all the time, without so much as a murmur, he happily fulfills my every whim, that I finally smiled a little. And when the last jar popped as it cooled on the counter, I felt like I had actually accomplished something stupendous. Okay, maybe not quite that great, but I did have a sense of peace that I had finally gotten that monkey on my back laid to rest! We now have a dozen jars of wonderful pickled beets, home grown and labled with love! Good day! Good man I married!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Heart Hurts

I haven't posted in awhile. We took a little road trip and I even took a picture or two but they remain trapped in the camera. Then Ashley moved out. Actually, it has been a moving out day for a couple of weeks and it wasn't until I helped take the bed over that it really hit me. When I left her apartment, I cried and felt like I had just left her at kindergarten again. My heart actually hurt in my chest. I know, she' been married for almost 2 years so what the heck?? But when she left the first time, we had just had a big party and she didn't take the bed so it was like she was just going away for awhile. This time she left a room pretty empty and it left me feeling empty as well. But all is well and I have big plans for the room now. I am going to start organizing my pictures. Yeah! So I may have some fun stories to tell in the coming weeks. Well, have to run for now. Children have descended and need me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I got this picture in the email a couple of days ago. I had to laugh. This was taken right after we were sealed in the Mesa Temple in May of 1979. And I do mean right after. We were wearing this when we went into the temple. I wonder no one made mention that we might want to wear white shirts and ties!! We were so naive. But we did get sealed and that was the important thing! It was a wonderful day and though we have had many mountains and valleys in our family life since that day, I would say that it has been abundantly blessed in all ways.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Birthday Time

Twenty Three years ago today was a Monday. That meant Family Home Evening at the Dunes. I went to my Dr. appt. at 2pm and headed out to the dunes with the family in tow. We hadn't been there very long and I began to cramp. I didn't say anything, just started timing them. By 6 I told Tom we had better get going, I was pretty sure I was in labor. We left the boys with the Marchants and hooked up our trailer and headed on in. We hadn't gone far when our truck quit working properly and we were pretty much moving along at about 2 miles an hour. We dropped the trailer at the inspection station and kept on limping in. The pains were about 2 lminutes apart and I just knew we were going to have to name this baby "Freeway". To make a short story shorter, we made it to the hospital and had the biggest surprise of our lives. We got a baby GIRL!!!!! WoW! She has been a light in our lives every since. So Happy Birthday to Ashley Nichole Lemmon Coulter. We love you!

Primary is Thumb-thing!

Well, Valentine's Day came and went and with it, the Primary Activity that was Thumb-thing Special! I think it was successful and I hope the children remember a little of what was taught. We had a round of 4 classes all geared toward making our family strong. Then we gathered at the end and had a little object lesson on how the family is like a rope. The kids all seemed to get it and liken what they had learned from the classes. There favorite part of course was the Tug Of War we ended with. Oh and the cupcakes!! Thanks to all of our presidency and Lynna for teaching the classes. I felt like we had a great time, good turn out, especially considering it was a holiday weekend. I didn't of course, take any pictures which was so like me! So now I am on to the next project, Young Women's Camp. I finished "Celebration" again and wanted to let the author know how much her book has meant to me so I did a search for her online and found out she passed away last year. I am sad. She was so wise and I wanted to tell her. I love so many of the things she says I wish I could remember them. But for today I will post one of my favorite. "The gift of daily celebration is bound up in our ability to see the hand of the Lord, the Creator, in all things-to see beauty in every manifestation of creation, in the talents of others as they are inspired by God, and in others themselves, because they too,are creations of the Lord." I hope you all have a day of Celebration today!

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's February? Are you sure? What year?

I am amazed that time can pass by me without so much as a breeze to tickle my mind. January is a blur. Actually, most days are. It's what happens when the mind goes! I spent a few days ill for a few weeks of last month but this one is better. I made it to the gym for 5 days in a row last week! Hallelujah!! I have been reading quite a bit. Finished Edgar Sawtelle, loved it. Although it did take me a little bit to get into it. Someone at the gym was talking about it and I said I just couldn't get into it and they asked me where I was. I told them and they said I hadn't gotten to the good part yet. So I went home and read another 20 pages and there it was!! I was hooked. Had to sit and finish the whole thing that night! Then I took a trip with The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes. Good read! Finished Firefly Lane on Sat. night. Started it Sat. morning, stopped long enough to take 7 of the grandkiddies to the movies, and then picked it up and didn't put it down until it was finished. I loved it. Great Read! In between I read the 3 volumes of The Kingdom and The Crown series by Gerald Lund. I had read them before but felt like reading them again. And I am glad I did. Made me go back and start rereading the New Testament.
Then last night I started another reread, the book called Celebration. I read it every few years and then in the back of the book I write a thought or two. The first time I read it was in '96, then in 2001 and the last time was in 2003. That's one good thing about not being able to remember, you can keep reading your favorites and they are all new again. When I am in the rest home, I'll get to meet new people every day, again and again!!! Anyway, this book is so inspiring to me. I always want to do and be better when I finish it. The last time I read it, I recorded this thought. "I always come away with hope and desire to "celebrate" life more fully, better,and more consistently." I always try to remember the adage, "Celebration is self-made" But I do forget so it is always good to sit with this old friend in print and remember again! Well, that pretty much sums up my sitting down time for the last few weeks. I probably read more in January than I do any other month. Down time from all the hub-bub of the holidays I guess. I am now gearing up for YW camp this summer. We have it mostly planned and just need to get the info to the wards and make it all happen. Saturday is our Primary Activity, then in March and April I have camp activities with the Stake. So that should keep me busy. In between I get to love on my little girls and boys. We went to see Hotel For Dogs last Sat. I have to say it was delightful and I clapped at the end. Much better experience than I had anticipated. It held all of the children's attention and I think they liked it as much as I did. I took Grama Peggy shopping last week and had a heck of a time getting clothes to fit her. They didn't have skeletal sizes. We finally did find a couple of size 2's that fit ok if she puts a belt on! Ah, old age, ain't it grand. We did have some laughs so it was a fun day. Well, this post is long and pretty boring since I didn't even have a picture to spice it up. But then, Journals can be laborious for the reader at times, I'm sure. Maybe if I didn't wait so long in between times.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plan Ahead

Naomi came by for a visit the other night. She is always entertaining and has a lot to say. This night she was planning ahead, I think. She was standing by the Christmas tree and flipped one of the shiny little red crystals with her finger. Ashley let out a belly laugh and I asked, "What's so funny?" Naomi told her that "I'm stealin' these when Grama's dead!" Way to go Naomi. Stake your claims now. Sydney had dibs on the pink t-pot that belonged to my grama already! Love being the grama! It is the best!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To Business

Well January is here in full force. I skipped over the whole resolution thing. Someone said that a goal not written down is just a wish. Suffice it to say I have a plethora of wishes. But today I did accomplish a job that I have been putting off for most of last year. That is, to get rid of all the backed up ironing that has expanded exponentially for many months. And I did it in a little under 5 hours. Yeah. I would pat myself on the back but my arm is too stiff from wielding the iron and the steamer. Oh yes, I got the Tobisteamer for Christmas. That is what got me into the laundry room in the first place. It is a handly little gizmo but I wouldn't buy it again. It takes some practice to get the clothes to move in the right direction. Forget pants, for that I had to get out the old board! But flannel shirts steamed great, as well as the rayon, nylon type shirts. And perma press white shirts were a breeze. However, steam does burn! I won't say how many pieces I acutally ironed. It would be too embarrassing. So, after going to the gym, I felt like I accomplished a small feat today. And I can scratch that off the to do list. Now if I can just keep ahead of it all! Tomorrow I plan to tackle another of my wishes. If I manage to complete it,then I will write it down! I will try this approach this year and see if I get any better at getting things done.

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