Monday, April 6, 2009

Lost in Time

I don't know where the last few weeks have gone. I feel like I am in a wave of endless days, flowing and ebbing with such swiftness, that I am continually tredding with out getting out of the water. Conference was wonderful. I wish I could recall every quote that touched my heart. I wish I could recall one even! I guess I feel lucky I can recall watching it at all. I am grateful that they come written so we can feast over and over. Spring break was a delight even if I don't go to school. I had lots of fun with all of the kiddies! We went to the fair and all came home with the most delightful hats! Of course, I didn't have the camera! I want to get a picture and when I do I will post it. One night, the 3 middle girls spent the night. I got up at 3am to find them giggling in the kitchen. What are you guys doing? Just stuff. ok well, keep it down and go to bed pretty soon. Ok grammy! The next morning I came out to find the table all set with decorated napkins, name tags, and a menu. They were so excited! They made eggs, waffles, juice. In the middle of the night, the peeled I don't know how many tangelos and cut up all the strawberries and mixed them with cinnamon! YUM! We had a very festive breakfast, after which we went to the park and played. I did have the camera this time. Oh, I love those little girls!!! I am so blessed to have all of my perfect grandchildren right here! How I love being grandma! They are so good to me!


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