Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sunday Jared blessed our new granddaughter, Alexis Reign Lemmon. It was a wonderful blessing and I felt blessed to have been there. She is our 13th grandchild. My cup is full to overflowing! This picture is of some but not all of the family. Grandpa had a Bishopric meeting, and Zulema was home with sick children. Tanya Thompson happend to be walking by and I snagged her to take this shot. I love it. Sabra had to chase down Maverick and he was no way going to get his picture taken. And I especially love the look on Lino's face. And we call Naomi the poser. Every time I take her picture, she poses. She will probably grow up to model one day!! We all had some laughs, especially when Tanya showed us our family picture that she carries in her scriptures. We were all amazed that she would have it, for one thing, and then we laughed about how funny we all looked in it. It was taken around 1989 or 1990. Jason referred to it as the Cardigan picture. The boys all had sweaters on. Funny!! And Jared is leaning into the picture like he was just some kid who walked by and wanted to be part of it. One of the kids said they could't believe we paid for that picture. It is the only professional family photo we ever had taken. We do have one other and it was actually taken in the produce department at El Rancho Market in 1982! Now that one is hilarious. I always love how families get together every year for an annual picture. For some reason, I just never made that happen. I think it's because I have never liked one picture of myself, ever! I have great pictures of the boys and Ashley and even a couple of Tom. But I just can't get one of me that makes me glad I had it taken! I am not what you call photogenic. I need to be Photoshopped!!! Anyway, the day was wonderful and in the evening, most everyone came over. We missed Aaron's family but the rest of us had some laughs and watched the cousins play. I am so blessed!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Sorry to say we have had no April showers to speak of but the flowers seem to be blooming quite nicely in the yard!

When I was a little girl we used to celebrate May Day. I would decorate baskets, sometimes the little ones strawberries came in, weaving ribbon in and out to make them pretty, or making whem out of paper, into little cones with ribbon. Then I would go pick dandelions to fill them and hang them on the neighbors door, ring the bell and run. Such fun! Where have all the flowers gone!! And the traditions and fun of a simple life? Well, no matter. Happy May Day. And here is a bouquet for anyone who reads the ramblings of a nostalgic granni!!

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