Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camp and Then

First there was camp and then there wasn't. It seemed to come fast and leave even faster! I had a great time at Camp Zion and will hold all those memories dear to my heart but I can't say that I am much melancholy over the end of it all. I will miss working with all those fun ladies I have grown to love though, most of all. And I will miss getting to know different YCL's each year. And I will miss, ok wait, now I am a little bit sad so I won't go on about that!!! Here are a couple of pictures from this year. We laughed and laughed as usual and cried some too. That's camp. The funny story of the year was... the quilt or should I say quilts. The wards all made quilts as a service project and I wanted the stake leaders to give one to Sonnet as a surprise. So Renae, our quilting guru and I selected and cut the fabric and then I sewed it up. I was so excited to present it to her. Unknownst to me, she had decided they should do one for me and so we each had a quilt to give the other. Surpise!!!! We came home a day earlier that usual because of the 4th of July and I think everyone was pretty happy about that. I slept most of my birthday away, worn out and coming down with the flu. I spent the following week in bed, recuperating. Then we took off to Hawaii, the Big Island. Tom and I had a splendid time, laying around, sipping Pina Coladas and reading. The island was a little dissapointing, all covered in lava as it was, but never the less, it was Hawaii so how bad could it be, right? We rented a boat so we could see the coastline but Tom got sea sick so that was a bummer. We saw lots of lava flows and some rain forest. Tom turned into this camera nazi and I didn't take very many pictures. Bobby got a new camera for New Zealand and Tom really liked it so he went and got the same one. But he doesn't like it when I use it I guess cuz he won't take it off his belt. I think I will have to get one of my own. We did get a couple of shots but he took almost all of them himself. Which is hilarious because we have been married 40 years and he had never been the one to take pictures. Funny man!! So now we are home agin, home again, jiggiety jig!!! We will see what the lovely month of August holds in store for us!

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