Monday, August 24, 2009

Dog Days

I can definitely feel the end of summer coming, the days known to me since childhood as the "Dog Days of Summer"! I have no idea where the phrase came from other than my mother has lots of those little tidbits she has taught me over the years. Last week we had an especially exciting day involving an actual dog, a dog named Tobee, my dog to be precise. The boys, Buddy, Tiny, and Lino were playing with me and Tobee and 3 hoses. Now Tobee's favorite thing to do is play in the water. We were having a great time spraying her, watching her jump and do flips, biting the water. She is crazy. We played for quite some time and then moved on to making boats and castles. I noticed as we sat to eat popcicles that Tobee was acting a little funny, walking crooked and just not moving normally. I called her to me and she was barely breathing. I thought she must be having a heat stroke so I took her quickly to the sink and hosed the dirt off of her. She felt cool, her nose and ears were cool to the touch. But her breathing was becoming more and more labored. So I put her down and she went right into her kennel. I called the vet, described her symptoms and she said to bring her right in. But I had 3 little boys, covered in mud. What to do. Tom was out to lunch. So I yelled at them, they were still out in the mud, and told them to come quickly and get in the car. No questions, just run fast. They did and I dropped them at Lino's house, mud and all, no lunch, on the door step. The nanny came to the door, she doesn't speak English well and I shoved the boys into the house and told her my dog was sick and I had to go. I have no idea what she thought but I felt bad about the mess the boys were in. Anyway, I raced to the vet and just knew my dog was going to die in my arms before I got there. They took her right in, gave her some oxygen and stabalized her. To make a really long story shorter, she basicly had inhaled the water to her lungs and was suffering from fluid in her lungs. We had basicly about drowned her. She also was over heated, and had gulped so much air her stomach was 3 times bigger that it should have been. They put her on IV fluids and medicing to take the fluid out of her lungs and tissues. She came home for the night because they had no one to watch her and then I took her back in the morning for another 8 hours. She's back to normal now, barking and annoying Tom to no end, but it was scary. Anyone who knows me knows how attached I am to my dog. So this week when the boys come to play with Grama, Tobee is restricted to the house and from the hose. I would have taken pictures of our fun in the sun but Tom had "the camera" somewhere.... I am saving to buy my own! I guess I should just get batteries for the old one and use it until I get the new one.

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