Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am grateful for modern medicine. I am grateful for a place to go when pain is so excruciating that a grown man weeps. But THIS hospital???? It does leave a lot to be desired. Tom is home now and improving daily. It was a long week. And so out of the blue to end up there last weekend. He has been so healthy lately. He went in with acute pancreatitis and came out with some bad bacteria that now requires this horrible antibiotic that makes him weird. I could go on and on about the negatives in this hospital but suffice it to say that if and when he gets another attack, we have decided to head to the ER at Scripps. We are sure he will be admitted and on pain medicine and the road to recovery before he can get out of the ER here. I do appreciate the kind nurses. We had a couple of them and though they lacked some skill, they were caring and somewhat attentive. We are looking forward to his full recovery so we can get on with our ride. We were supposed to leave this Monday but looks like we will have to postpone for a little while until he gets strong enough to hold up the motorcycle. I am crazy for the fall colors up north so am looking forward.

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