Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Champion

Yesterday, Gramdpa and I had the exciting opportunity to see Sydney show her new horse Bell. She was awesome. She won 3 ribbons for her collection and looked so cute on that big horse. We are so proud of her. I don't know much about horses but Sydney seemed to handle her well. She got her to do what she wanted and looked like she had fun. Way to Go Sydney!!! We love you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It Was A Party

I am finally getting around to posting a couple of pictures of our amazing 4th Annual Halloweenie SleepOver. We went ahead and had the party the week of the flood. I manage with the help of my work horse hubby, to get the house back together and we partied into the wee hours. I made each guest an apron tucked in a bag with lots of goodies. My theme was skeletons so they got a bandana covered with the motif to match their aprons, along with a necklace of bones and an eyepatch. They were all the cutest pirates this side of the islands. We had chili pepper with the trimmings for dinner. Everyone was plenty full though they all wondered why I didn't have little name tags for each item on the menu, like last year. Sorry kids, you were lucky to get the party at that point, what with the water rising and all. We did all of their favorite things from Man on the Moon to hunting ghosts. We watched falling stars and talked on the tramp until it grew too chilly even with every blanket we could find in the house . Then we bedded down to a movie and all were asleep within half an hour. Next morning, we cooked ghost pancakes, scrambled eggs and then played until noon. It was especially memorable for me as I do not anticipate Kaylie will be with us again. She is now 12 and gone off to foreign lands to be famous. Next year we will have new guest list that includes 2 more boys so the dynamics will be entirely different, but I am sure just as joyful. I look forward to it with anticipation and new ideas to make memories that will hopefully last a lifetime for both them and me.

The Missing Pirate

For some reason I do not seem to have a picture of Sydney in the chair. I thought I had everyone that night. Maybe she was off hunting ghosts but I do have one of her the next morning in the yard so here it is. Sorry Syd, I don't know where the other picture went or if in fact, there was another one.

More Halloweenie Party Pirates

Here are a few more pictures from the party I just posted about.

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