Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Boy

Our Miracle Baby

Happy Birthday to Strider. He is three years old today. Our little miracle baby, we are so blessed to have him with us. He is so bright and fun and a little bit of the devil and we love him completely. He is always entertaining, even when he is tormenting his brother and sisters. Tiny,as everyone calls him, melts my heart when he puts his little arms around my neck and squeezes tight. He loves to play out in the sand and water and eat candy at Grama's house. He has this raspy deep voice and I love it when he talks. "Grama, have fruit rollup?" He always asks for those when he comes to play. Life is passing at such an accelerated pace these days, it is hard to grasp that he is already three. Happy Birthday Tiny. We love you!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy new Year to One and All. Christmas was busy and bustling and just down right fun but I am ready to relax with my new book now! I am still enjoying the decor and have to be in the mood to take it all down so maybe by February I will be there. I love the holidays. And I love the down time that comes after. January is my favorite read month and I usually get about 3 or 4 books read this month. I am into my new one I got from Sabe for Christmas. It is called The Help. Great read so far. We had lots of good times, good food, and good family and friends to share it all with. We took all of the kids caroling before Christmas on a Monday night. The Jones went with us and they still came back on Christmas Eve so it must have been fun. We also had our annual Christmas Eve bash with the pinatas and Santa Bag. Then Christmas morning was the big breakfast, followed by the opening of gifts with all of the grandchildren and children. This year Ashley spent the night before Christmas with us so we had someone to wake up with Christmas morning. It sure is different with no little ones to rouse from the bed. I used to dream every Christmas Eve that I forgot to stuff the stockings. But last year I didn't have the dream and it didn't return this year. Apparently my anxiety levels over the morning have dropped off. I didn't get very many good pictures at all, even with the new camera. Too busy I guess to stop and shoot. But I will always carry the memory of my beautiful family in my heart. I love them all so much. We missed Kaylie but got to talk with her on the phone during the party. So now it is on to the New Year. I haven't written down any resolutions yet but I have one that I am already working very hard on. And I am sure it will take many years if ever to become proficient. I used to always write my resolutions down, even categorizing them. But the last few years I haven't done that. Made me feel like a failure when I didn't realize them. I think perhaps I had too many. Well, I am totally rambling now so that means the time has come to get off the blog.

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