Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three For Three

I got the Giant CupCake pan before Christmas and decided my resolution for the New Year would be to bake each grandchild a giant cupcake for their birthday. So far I have done it, starting in January for Tiny, then Lino and Buddy. Tomorrow is Lexi's big numero uno so will be baking a pink one for her. Sabra put a pick of Buddy's cake on her blog but I am going to post one too, for the two people that read my blog:) Buddy came to play a couple of days after his birthday and wanted to know why he didn't get the gumball on his cake. He was very excited at the time about the soccer balls. So I remided him he liked the soccer balls but he still wanted the gumball. I told him I did have a red one or a pink or white one. "I think I'll take a blue one." "I don't have a blue one." "Well, you can go down to my dad's shop and take a quarter and get a blue one, or a green one." What a wonderful little boy. I just love that kid!!! Anyway, here are my boys with their cakes! Happy Birthday to all four of my favorite little people born in the months of January and March!!!


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