Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kaylie Thirteen??

One more giant cupcake done. This is the sixth so I am half way to my goal. Every single one of the kids has been looking forward to their cupcake. I hope no one is dissappointed. Kaylie wanted a green one and her response was,"Awesome, grandma!"

How is it possible that our first little granddaughter could be a teenager. Look out Aaron and Gel!! I remember the day Kaylie was born. Aaron called and said they were going to the hospital in San Diego where they were living. I packed a bag and was on the road within the hour. I was there to watch Kaylie take her first sweet breath of life, to see her daddy weep as he held her for the first time, to see the joy on her mommy's face. I truly felt a part of the circle of life for the first time. What a blessing to be a mother and a grandma. Happy Birthday to our sweet Kaylie. You are so beautiful, smart, talented, funny, sweet, the list goes on. I love how you love your family. I have watched you over the years with Malaya and Lino and what a good sister you are to them. We are so happy to have you home from your "stardom tour". Always know that Grandma and Grandpa are right here for you. We love you Kaybugs!


ashes said...

My favorite cake yet! I had fun watching you make it. I Love YOU Mom!


That is really beautiful. I love the flower power. Beautiful tribute to your granddaughter too. Sweet memories.

And I know what you mean about feeling alone in cyberspace. But just know, I am always thinking of ya'll! Ya'll are such a sweet couple and example to those around you. Give your hubby a hug from me! (You too, of course!) Miss ya'll!

Kimmy said...

You have some serious cupcake decorating skillz Patti! They are all so unique and fun and very impressive. That one is almost too beautiful too eat. ;)
That's so sweet that you were there to hold her right after she was born. She is one talented and beautiful young lady, thats for sure!
You are such a fantastic grandma Patti. I love all the little things you do for your grandkids!

Kimmy said...

I should proof read beforeI hit publish, not after- "too beautiful to eat" ;)

Brittany said...

Is there anything you can't do? She sure is lucky to have a grandma like you! I have always admired you for your creativity, talent and strong testimony. Love you lots!

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