Saturday, May 15, 2010

Night Time

Night Fractures. Splinters crevices that become chasms with each ting of the bell, until longing for the void where there is no sound,no smell, no feeling, only darkness and silence that never comes. Then the buttery soft light of morning growing and filling the blackness of dreams, bringing courage to walk the precipice one more day, hoping to make the journey, hoping for strength to stay the course, finding that glade of peace, knowing the towers of guilt, regret, remorse, sorrow and loss will overshadow all in complete and utter silence, no breath, no ringing of the bell.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seven Down, Five To Go, I Think!

Brooke turned four and requested a Hello Kitty Cupcake! After much searching I found a topper at the bakery and proceeded to the kitchen. Ashley baked the cake for me one night and I tried to make it look cute the day of the party. I had trouble with the frosting, my mind was in a funk, but I think she liked it anyway. Little girls are like that, they love whatever grama makes them. We had a great time with all of the cousins at Triple P. I always love to see them all together. Happy Birthday to our toothless little Brooke. I remember getting the phone call and hopping on a plane a couple of hours later. You were born before I made it to Denver but I have a picture of us just a few hours after you were born. I held you and whispered I love you in your soft sweet ear. Happy Birthday Sweet Little Girl!!!

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