Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seven Years

Happy Birthday Dawson! Seven years on the 8th of June! He was born on his Great Grandfather Lemmon's birthday! Dawson is such a sweet boy, always has a hug and kiss for his grama! We love you kiddo! The cake was more about taste this time I think. I just didn't seem to have a heart for it this month but doesn't mean Dawson isn't as loved. Just couldn't seem to make the fingers do what I needed them to do this day. And he wanted Power Rangers and had to settle for the ole Spiderman! But hey, he didn't care, it was more about getting his cake from grama, I think. Hope you have a great year Sweet Dawson!

Grama and one of her Favorite Little Men


PEHNelson said...

You are an awesome grandma!

Kimmy said...

I think thats the coolest spider man giant cupcake I've ever seen!
That picture of the 2 of you is very sweet! I love that kid- he is very charming!

Grandma said...

Patti, max and I were so sorry to hear about your Mom. You were an angel watching over her. i love your cakes and it looks like Dawson did too! Love those grandchildren. lynna

Rough Edges Pottery said...

What a cute cake. Isn't "grandma-ism" fun? Have a great weekend.

Tina said...

I think the Spiderman cake looks great! All these cakes are so fun:)

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