Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Birthdays

June and July bring lots of birthdays and celebrations in our family. So we celebrated 3 of them on the 4th of July. We missed Naomi's on the 23rd of June because we were in San Diego. Great trip!! And Mallory's is the day after mine and America's on the 5th of July. So we all gathered on the 4th in the evening for lots of food and fun. All of the boys and families and Ashley were here. We ate and visited and watch old home movies, had cake and ice cream and then headed out to see the fireworks. They were beautiful and lasted longer than any I had ever seen. Perfect weather, perfect company, perfect day. Mallory is now 9 and Naomi is 6 and I am older than both!

The cakes were a little on the slippery side with the heat and humidity so the frosting wasn't standing up much but the girls loved them. Mallory had requested a red, white and blue so Naomi got one too. Of course Maverick had to tell me again how he didn't get a gumball on the top of his so I found him one and he put it in his pocket. I wonder if he ever chewed it up. I think it was more about possesion at this point. Funny boy!

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