Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lost Blogger

Today is a good day. I have been having more and more of them lately. When I sat down at the computer a little while ago to do some browsing I really had no intention of posting anything. As some of you may have noticed I haven't been here for some time. But when I noticed on Sabra's blog a post that said Kelly's Visit under Lemmony Lunacy I was intrigued. Really, Kelly came to visit, who's Kelly? I missed it and it was my blog?! Then I clicked and the page could not be found. I began to wonder if you don't visit or post, does a blog go away into some unknown computer world, never to be read again? So I clicked on The Lemmon Family under my favorites bar and here I am. Because my mind is in a much better place these days, I decided to leave a note to say I was here! I feel like I have jumped a hurdle now and I may even come back and post again another day. I do want to leave here today, knowing that I honored the rest of the cupcake kids. While my heart and mind were checked out last year we had a couple of birthdays. The girls did get their cupcakes from Grama but I just couldn't seem to pull myself together to write it all down. So here are the pictures of the last two of the year. Malaya was in September and Jade was in November. Malaya is my little artist, always drawing for me. She is so quiet that sometimes I lose her in the hubbub of our gatherings. She is undemanding and sweet, kind and funny and silly and a delight to have around. I love you Malaya! Jade wanted a turkey or some Thanksgiving theme for her cake. She wanted me to bring it to school and I did. She loved it. She is such a fun girl, always ready to be by my side. She loves to draw and is always ready for a project with Grama. She is loving and loved so very much!Jade is always up for a gathering of cousins at Grama's and we haved had so much fun together! So Happy Birthday to my little girls, for last year. At least I got this posted before you turned ten and eleven!!

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