Saturday, May 19, 2012


So beautiful (c.1945)
Mom's birthplace in the Wilds of Eastern Montana

Today marks the second year since my sweet mother made the journey into eternity. It still takes me by surprise some days,not being able to call her and see her,that I can miss her so much. I am coming out of the forest of regret and most days find the sun. But some days I still find myself in the shadows of those towers and then I weep. I am grateful that I believe she is in her mansion in heaven. I sometimes sit and wonder; wonder what it's like there. Do we have our cottage by the sea or our cabin in the wood. Where do we live? I think she must have her heart's desire. She was a righteous woman. I like to look at her pictures and am still in awe of all the goodness and talents and love she had in her. I have only seen now, clearly, those attributes that I took so much for granted when she was here. Why is that, I wonder. I look forward to the day that I will meet her again and be able to tell her all I have learned from her since she has been gone. I wait....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Science With Tiny

While I neglected the camera again and have no picture of us to document our time, I need to record the day so I will always remember how much fun Tiny (Strider) and I had experimenting in the kitchen. On Thursday this week Tiny came to play with me for a few hours. We spent over one of those in the kitchen with a glass pan full of soda and cups of colored vinegar, an eye-dropper, straws and our fingers. About half way through, some little green army men joined in the fun. We built up volcanos, rocks, tunnels, and whatever came to Tiny's mind. We tried cooking the concoction in the micowave and ended freezing an army guy in a cup of goo. We had great fun, fizzing away the time! According to mom, he told everyone about the "experiment" and when I visited later, he retrieved his "freezed army guy" to show me he still had him safe! See you next Thursday, Tiny, when we will try making "gak." I will try to remember to take a picture!

Birds On The Brain

While this week was a busy one, with a trip to the temple in Mesa on Tuesday, home Wednesday evening, a fun day with Strider on Thursday, Monday was spent in my cave, music softly playing in the background, creating a new feathered friend and Friday found me returning to my newest passion, birds! Today I finished my second in the flock who's home will be in Ashley's favorite spot, wherever that might be!

This little one is entitled "All Dressed Up and No Where To Crow." She is all lace, velvet and glitter with turquoise and purple feathers, nesting amongst her bottle of glitter, spool of rhinestones, a key to the city, handmade paper-covered eggs,and other assorted treasures. She is indeed, "dressed to crow." I am having such fun!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Crafty Business

For some reason the following post that I just posted moments ago would not let me download my pictures. So the following pictures are of my little bird and her nest. Read further for more on subject!

Crafty Business

Ashley and I had some late night fun a few weeks back. Her friend needed a quaint bouquet and we said we could make one. Ashley went shopping and brought her finds and I dug through cupboards and boxes and added mine to the mix. Then we put our hands and heads together and this is the bouqut we came up with. We love it! And now Ashley is thinking we could sell these!!! So if anyone reading this blog is interested, leave a comment!

We also had some fun with birds and nests. And these I am excited about and have plans for the birth of a few more. I have been dying lace black for my next one. Each bird will be an individual creation with her own story. This first one is entitled " A Bird in the Hand." If I could have my wish, it would be to go into my little room and sit and create, with no interruptions each and every day for at least 6 hours. You know what they say...If wishes were horses.....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Something Wicked

Off to find the yellow brick road! Ashley and Sabra were my companions for the journey and we arrived just in the nick of time. They roped off the door behind us and we took our seats as the lights dimmed. What a wonderful time was had by all of us. The play was fabulous, the costumes magnificient, the music inspiring!I loved the story, the sets, the comedy.It was one of my best times. Thanks to Sabra for wanting to go see Wicked for her Christmas present this year and for Ashley getting the tickets ordered. We had a wonderful couple of days full of laughs, shopping, and of course the highlight, Wicked! I would highly recommend it to all.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bowling HIGH

Too bad it wasn't for dollars because I would be rich. At least for that one game. I broke my top score, I broke Tom's top score and I bowled 4 strikes in a row. That score board was sweet! First frame was a spare, then my turkey, and then another strike. I was yelling by this point! Then another spare. Finished out with another couple of spares and a strike in the tenth! Holy cow! I was excited! Final Score? A 213 Baby!!! Now my average has been around 125 but since the holidays I have been lucky to break 100 so tonight brought back my confidence. Of course, the game before was pathetic and the one after likewise. But I will always have that One! WhooHoo!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Year

Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went in a flurry of fun and here we are a good third of the way into January of 2012. I already have a long list of should have's like should have taken some pictures to post on this blog. But alas, I didn't so am going to just go ahead and post anyway. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with all of the family at Bob and Sabra's. I even Indian wrestled Ashley and won I might add. Check post on Sabe's blog for pictures of that day. We had our usual Christmas festivities, looking at lights with the grandkids. You know I did take pictures that night. (I will have to put them into this computer. I got a laptop that I am still learning how to use.) Anyway, that was a fun but very cold night. Christmas Eve brought the annual party with friends and family. We had a fun time with pinatas, too much food, and the gift exchange. Then Christmas morning....a first for Tom and I in a long time. We woke alone, just the two of us in the house. It was sweet but sad in a way. We got up(later than a usual Christmas morning)and exchanged our gift to each other. I gave him the same wallet he took back last year. Maybe next year he will keep it!!! Then we got ready for church and I love going on a Christmas to hear all of the music that we only hear this time of year. I enjoyed it immensely. Then we all came back and had our annual Christmas breakfast, just had it at lunch time this year. We gave our gifts to the kids and enjoyed each other until the evening. I missed my mother, thinking I needed to call her several times during the day. Then New years blew in and here we are. I didn't write any resolutions down yet but have been pondering on it. I have lots of them on my mind. I am going to have a special day with Strider every Thursday and I am looking forward to getting closer to him. I think we shall have some fun!! I am looking forward to changes that may come this year, hoping they do. Life is good and I hope I can be a source of goodness in the lives of those I love and serve. And I hope I get better at taking pictures and blogging entries in this cyber journal of mine.

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