Saturday, May 19, 2012


So beautiful (c.1945)
Mom's birthplace in the Wilds of Eastern Montana

Today marks the second year since my sweet mother made the journey into eternity. It still takes me by surprise some days,not being able to call her and see her,that I can miss her so much. I am coming out of the forest of regret and most days find the sun. But some days I still find myself in the shadows of those towers and then I weep. I am grateful that I believe she is in her mansion in heaven. I sometimes sit and wonder; wonder what it's like there. Do we have our cottage by the sea or our cabin in the wood. Where do we live? I think she must have her heart's desire. She was a righteous woman. I like to look at her pictures and am still in awe of all the goodness and talents and love she had in her. I have only seen now, clearly, those attributes that I took so much for granted when she was here. Why is that, I wonder. I look forward to the day that I will meet her again and be able to tell her all I have learned from her since she has been gone. I wait....

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