Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013

2o12 Was nothing more than a blur or so I thought until I started organizing my photos. While there were not thousands, there were a few and they attest to the fact that I did go and do while I may not remember it! The highlights were our two trips to Seattle, one in June for Naomi's baptism and one in November for Thanksgiving. While up north in June we went to Glacier National Park on the motorcycle. We went camping in the White Mts. in July and back to Montana and through Yellowstone in Aug. I did manage to have my Halloween Campout for the boys and the Sleepover for the girls. This year Brooke opted for the campout but then felt regret the night of the sleepover. She had fun with the boys even if she didn't remember the night the girls gathered. This year our theme was The Phantom with a dose of Edgar Allen Poe thrown in. We started to watch the movie but all of them were alseep by eleven. Then came Christmas and in a whirl we are here, stepping rapidly into a New Year! I am going to try very hard to be more diligent on posting. Last year I didn't record one entry in my regular journal. For that I am sure I deserve a lashing. And I will probably give my self one or two. I haven't blogged since May. I posted some on Facebook but that was about all I managed and I have no reason why other than pure laziness I suppose! Thank goodness for new starts! So then here we are! Christmas was wonderful as always, to have everyone home for even a day at a time is the best thing in my world. Jared and Krista were here for a week and Ashley was in and out and got to spend a night. We had our party on Christmas Eve with the Swansons and all was right with the world. This post is too long and that is what happens when you never post. So I will leave a couple of pictures and come again another day to visit.

 Naomi's Baptsm Day
 A Motorcycle trip to Heaven
 Camping out At Grandma's
 A Night At the Opera SleepOver
 Making Ginger Cookies For Christmas

On our way to see the Lights

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