Saturday, November 12, 2011

Second Annual Halloween Camp Out

The Arrival

Last year, with so many grandchildren having reached the age of invitation to the Halloween parties, I decided it would be best to do two of them, one for the boys and one for the girls. So began the annual Boys Halloweenie Camp Out. I never did get around to posting last years activites so I wanted to make sure I got it done this year. For the boys, Grandpa pitched a tent which we decorated with spiders and webs. This year we all went bowling. Last year we did a movie at the theater. They were more interested in getting back home to hunt for ghosts just like last year. We ate pizza at the bowling alley and consumed enormous amounts of junk once we got home.

This year instead of ghosts, we had a pumpkin hunt amongst the trees in the back yard.

They loved it all. They ran and yelled and jumped and rolled!

And when they began to wear down, we lit the fire and roasted marshmallows.

They were ready to lie down by ten and entered the tent. The weather was still so warm, even though it was the 12th of October. The wind was whistling and the humidity was dense. By 2am Tiny wanted to sleep in the house. He was followed by Buddy sometime later and around 5 Dawson came staggering in. I slept in the recliner once the first one gave it up. Grandpa stayed all night on the patio in his cot. Lino woke up sometime before the sun came up and took my place in the lounge chair next to Granpa. All of the boys were no worse for the wear come morning and all left to go to other activities by seven except for Lino. He hung out with me until around two in the afternoon and we had a great time, playing games and watching a movie. Even though they had to leave early, I think all had a lot of fun and they are already thinking of next year.


Wendy said...

Aw...that sounds so fun! What a funny Grandma you are! Cute kids!

Sabra said...

Those boys. They are so full of it. Love all the poses. Thanks for having them.

Anonymous said...

Look at those boys! So happy to be at grandma and grandpa's house! Halloween fun I love it!

Love, Rebecca Moss

Kimmy said...

I wanna be a grandma just like you someday! That is assuming I survive raising all my little rascals first. =)

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