Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 1925 - May 19, 2010

My Mother, My Friend

She was kind,beautiful,bodacious.
She was true and brave,courageous,
with laughter and cheer so contagious.
If I could see her but once again,
I would call her mother, my very best friend.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love and miss you more than I ever thought possible.
I think of you every day,and wait for the sound of the bell.


ashes said...

Happy Birthday Gramma! Miss you

Sabra said...


Kimmy said...

This little post has got me choked up! That picture of you 2 is very precious!

Tina said...

That is such a nice picture of you and your mother.

You really express yourself and your feelings very well.


That was truly sweet. I loved your poem, it seems to sum up everything she was. And I love the pic of both of you gorgeous ladies. I know your mom misses you so much too. I again, am so glad you were the one who got to be with her the last few months of her life. Imagine if you hadn't....

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