Monday, January 16, 2012

Bowling HIGH

Too bad it wasn't for dollars because I would be rich. At least for that one game. I broke my top score, I broke Tom's top score and I bowled 4 strikes in a row. That score board was sweet! First frame was a spare, then my turkey, and then another strike. I was yelling by this point! Then another spare. Finished out with another couple of spares and a strike in the tenth! Holy cow! I was excited! Final Score? A 213 Baby!!! Now my average has been around 125 but since the holidays I have been lucky to break 100 so tonight brought back my confidence. Of course, the game before was pathetic and the one after likewise. But I will always have that One! WhooHoo!


Sabra said...

Mallory sure was proud of you. She came in so excited about your game. Nice work, lady!

Kimmy said...

I can justimagine you all giddy with each spare&strike you bowled! Awesome you are!

Megan said...

I never knew. Awesome score, and awesome to document it in the blog for posterity's sake.

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