Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lexi's First Birthday

We were talking last night about children's birthdays. Why is it that the first child always gets the big bash on their first and the other kids get a cake if they're lucky?? Lexi was one year on St. Patrick's Day. I managed to get the cupcake made and left the rest up to the family. We had a little party with a few cousins so it wasn't that bad. At least we have a photo to show her when she grows up!!!

She got into it and even managed a bite on her own!



Kimmy said...

She is just so cute!
Your giant cupcake cakes look amazing Patti! What a cute grandma you are!


Lots of Birthdays! I LOVE those cupcakes! Each one is so adorable and unique. Great job Grandma! Hope you are having better days:)

Tina said...

That giant pan is great. What you did with the pan is impressive. Of course the best part is, the cute little faces of your grandchildren!

Lisa said...

Hi nice to meet you. I came over from New Friend Friday. I've never linked up before but thought I'd give it a try. You're cupcakes are really adorable.
I see you have a miracle baby in your family. Me too. What a blessing our little guy is to our family and to think he is what was missing. Tender mercies.

Leslie said...

You did a fantastic job on all of your cupcakes! I just had my little girl's birthday and had my sister make her a giant cupcake! I would love to have you stop by nightowlcrafting!

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