Saturday, April 21, 2012

Science With Tiny

While I neglected the camera again and have no picture of us to document our time, I need to record the day so I will always remember how much fun Tiny (Strider) and I had experimenting in the kitchen. On Thursday this week Tiny came to play with me for a few hours. We spent over one of those in the kitchen with a glass pan full of soda and cups of colored vinegar, an eye-dropper, straws and our fingers. About half way through, some little green army men joined in the fun. We built up volcanos, rocks, tunnels, and whatever came to Tiny's mind. We tried cooking the concoction in the micowave and ended freezing an army guy in a cup of goo. We had great fun, fizzing away the time! According to mom, he told everyone about the "experiment" and when I visited later, he retrieved his "freezed army guy" to show me he still had him safe! See you next Thursday, Tiny, when we will try making "gak." I will try to remember to take a picture!


Sabra said...

Thank you for having him. He just talks and talks about the army guy and vinegar still.

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