Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Beginning Somewhere in the Middle

Hey everyone,

I talked to bob today and it was great to hear from him. We are so busy here that time goes by so fast and it seems we are so out of touch with everyone. I was telling him about this blog that some friends from dental school are doing and that we should do one for the family. So here is one that I set up. It is really cool cuz you can post pictures and make comments back or respond to certain messages or just post an update on what is new. I guess it is mostly for us to let you guys know what is up and vice versa since we are the only ones that are out of town. Well maybe Jared and Krista as well they are kind of out of town. HaHa!! anyway I will post this and try and get some emails out to everyone with invites so we can get the ball rolling. Love you all.


grama said...

Ok Jay I just opened the mail and found you here. What a treat, the best of the day! I figured out how to post a comment, but that is as far as the understanding goes at this point. Love seeing you on the screen. Call me and talk to me too. I called you a couple of days ago, but I know how busy you are so wasn't surprised you haven't gotten back to me yet. Loving and missing you all!

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