Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's Try this again, From Miami

Just kickin it here in the dive hotel. Today I had five interviews with different professors here at the program. 3 went well and 2 were hard to get a feel for. This program is more intense than where I am at in Texas so I really hope to get some more interview so I will have a few more options. Had a nice dinner in South Beach tonight with some of the residents, all the interviewees and some staff. I think the temp here was 91 or so. It was hot!! Zulema said it was like 60 for the high in Dallas. Tomorrow I have a final interview with the Chairman of the Oral Maxillofacial Surgery dept here at Jackson Memorial. we (the candidates) sat in on a lecture he gave this morning. Very Impressive!! this guy is a world famous oral maxillofacial surgeon. he has forgotten more about oral surgery then I will ever know. A good anaology would be like listening to the prophet talk about the gospel. After the interview tomorrow it's back to the big D. I hope to have enough time to stop by the beach but we'll see.

I am thoroughly surprised and pleased to see dad on the blog!!! that is awesome. So are you using a computer at home? Mom's? or at work?

Thanks for the candy corns mom and all the rest of the stuff for the kids. They are very excited about halloween. so there will be some pictures on the blog from the fun night.

So is there gonna be a big haunted house down there by bob again?


Sabra said...

Keep us posted on interview results! At least you were able to go to Miami to do them as painful as they might be.

No haunted house this year. Everything was about to begin and Southgate pulled out at the last minute. So sad for Bob. He lives for that kind of stuff.

I made a little video for the blog, but for some reason it won't upload. I'm so frustrated. Any ideas?

What are the Big D Lemmon Kids going to be for Halloween?

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