Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Boy

Our Miracle Baby

Happy Birthday to Strider. He is three years old today. Our little miracle baby, we are so blessed to have him with us. He is so bright and fun and a little bit of the devil and we love him completely. He is always entertaining, even when he is tormenting his brother and sisters. Tiny,as everyone calls him, melts my heart when he puts his little arms around my neck and squeezes tight. He loves to play out in the sand and water and eat candy at Grama's house. He has this raspy deep voice and I love it when he talks. "Grama, have fruit rollup?" He always asks for those when he comes to play. Life is passing at such an accelerated pace these days, it is hard to grasp that he is already three. Happy Birthday Tiny. We love you!!


Carolina said...

Happy Birthday to Tiny! You're right..he's a great little guy...we love & miss seeing him everyday!

Sabra said...

I am so in love with that kid, it is ridiculous.

Sarah Blue said...

He really is a terrific kid. So bright and ready to play. Happy Birthday!

Kimmy said...

Miracle baby indeed! He's so dang cute!

Tina said...

I just can't believe he is already three. What a cute little picture of him!

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