Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seven Down, Five To Go, I Think!

Brooke turned four and requested a Hello Kitty Cupcake! After much searching I found a topper at the bakery and proceeded to the kitchen. Ashley baked the cake for me one night and I tried to make it look cute the day of the party. I had trouble with the frosting, my mind was in a funk, but I think she liked it anyway. Little girls are like that, they love whatever grama makes them. We had a great time with all of the cousins at Triple P. I always love to see them all together. Happy Birthday to our toothless little Brooke. I remember getting the phone call and hopping on a plane a couple of hours later. You were born before I made it to Denver but I have a picture of us just a few hours after you were born. I held you and whispered I love you in your soft sweet ear. Happy Birthday Sweet Little Girl!!!


canewton42 said...

She's 4 and already losing teeth? My boys are "late erupters" with their teeth; she must be an "early loser".

Granni P said...

Cheryl, I think she got them knocked out just like Jared. Remember how toothless he was for so long! I can't remember how it happened. I can't remember much of anything these days. Pathetic!!!

Kimmy said...

I had the same thought as canewton about her lost teeth- knocked out huh? that doesnt sound like fun. But she sure looks cute. And so does her cake. I am lovin all the individuality in each one. You are amazing Patty!

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