Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hey all,

so we went to a carnival at the church saturday night and Dawson was a power ranger, then on halloween he wanted to be spiderman, of course he did not want to wear the mask for either one. We went trick or treating and Brooke loved it, she went strong for about 45 mins, did not want to be carried and would not let anyone help her with her candy bag, it got to the point that she was just dragging it behind her and all the candy was falling out. so I was behind her picking it up and putting it back in. Everyone thought she was adorable, of course she is but I am biased. the girls had a fun time they were about 4 houses ahead of us the whole time and we kept having to slow them down so they wouldn't get lost. Dawson had fun but lost his glow stick down a man-hole so there was a slight outburst and over reaction for a moment, fortunately Brooke had one too and she didn't mind when we yanked it off her to calm Dawson down. So that was halloween. I went as a post call resident, it wasn't much of a costume, Zulema went as a witch just from the neck up. she wore the wig and hat at work and then trick-0r-treating as well. That is about it. All you guy's pics look great the girls are so cute and Lino as the fireman it funny. Mav and Stridor were very cute biker boyz, can't believe how big Stridor is. Thanks for putting stuff on the blog. It is like when you are on the mission and you get mail, it is exciting like that!!!!


grama said...

So Do I have the cutest grand kids or what!!!! I loved the stories and I hope you write those down somewhere that they will last forever, just the way you told them here! I am getting so excited about seeing all of you. I can't believe how big Brooke has gotten! And Dawson and Jade and Fernanda all look so beautiful! and Zulema, you have to be the most gorgeous witch I know! See you soon!!

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