Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The End of the Story

For some reason my computer wasn't computing very well this morning. And neither was I for that matter. So I forgot a couple of items concerning The Party. And I wanted to post a couple of the pictures. When the guests arrived they all put on their new t-shirts and we took a photo op on the staircase before dinner was served. Ashley was here to help me pull it all together. Thank goodness! While I was playing, she was cleaning up the kitchen and getting ready for the next activity. What a wonderful thing to have a daughter. I highly recommend having at least one. Another thing to come from the next mornings activities was a discovery that Sydney loves gardening with Grampa. She helped him plant all of the seeds and we are excited to say that all have come up and we will have salad shortly! And salsa!! Yeah! The extravaganza was all I hoped for and more. We started planning next year. With two more boys coming, we are leaning toward a camping theme! I have duly recovered now and I am making brown bag scrapbooks of the evening delights for each party attendee. I hope to have them all done by Halloween night for their treat bag! Wish me luck!


Carolina said...

I heard a lot about this party from Sabra. What a sweet thing to do for your grandkids. I'm sure they will remember these events their whole lives. What a nice memory for them to be able to look back on.

brenda said...

I love your party! I want to be a Grandma just like you! I can't wait! It all looks so beautiful and I love the smiles on all of your grandkids! You're cooler then cool! Save all your decorations for me! ha ha

Tina said...

You have it covered: T shirts, scrapbooks, all that fun food and decor, and the luckiest kids around!

Your blog is coming along nicely too...:)

JennyandTyler said...

Patty, I just love you and I am so glad that your blog is public! I was thinking about you the other day and how great you were to me and how much fun you were! Your grandkids are so lucky! I miss you and hope to come by and visit soon. I miss Ashley too! Have her e-mail me or drop[ me a comment on my blog so I can get her e-mail address. Love you tons!
Jenny Weech (Broby)

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