Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

I haven't been here in awhile but with all of the hoopla about the election, I thought I should stop and blog! Maybe things will get worse, but maybe things will get better! No one knows! But if they do get worse, well then, they get worse. It is what it is! Follow the council of the Prophet, put your house in order, and fear not. Life is supposed to be a challange. I say we all just do our best, help those in need, and be happy. I know, this doesn't really sound like me right? I am usually the glass is half empty kind of girl. But Sabra inspired me today. Hats off to her. And hey, if nothing else, the first lady is a fabulous dresser. It would be nice if we can all afford new clothes in the next four years, yes? So then, let the good times roll. Come what may, we will all be here together!


brenda said...

Hello Patty!

I agree with your thoughts! "Put your house in order, and fear not". I strongly believe we all need each other, and we certainly need to help each other! Maybe this will bring our nation together, like it never has! I think the new first lady will certainly inspire us in a good way! Let The Good Times Roll!

Sabra said...

I didn't love the new first lady's dress last night. Did you? I usually like what she wears.

brenda said...
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