Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To Business

Well January is here in full force. I skipped over the whole resolution thing. Someone said that a goal not written down is just a wish. Suffice it to say I have a plethora of wishes. But today I did accomplish a job that I have been putting off for most of last year. That is, to get rid of all the backed up ironing that has expanded exponentially for many months. And I did it in a little under 5 hours. Yeah. I would pat myself on the back but my arm is too stiff from wielding the iron and the steamer. Oh yes, I got the Tobisteamer for Christmas. That is what got me into the laundry room in the first place. It is a handly little gizmo but I wouldn't buy it again. It takes some practice to get the clothes to move in the right direction. Forget pants, for that I had to get out the old board! But flannel shirts steamed great, as well as the rayon, nylon type shirts. And perma press white shirts were a breeze. However, steam does burn! I won't say how many pieces I acutally ironed. It would be too embarrassing. So, after going to the gym, I felt like I accomplished a small feat today. And I can scratch that off the to do list. Now if I can just keep ahead of it all! Tomorrow I plan to tackle another of my wishes. If I manage to complete it,then I will write it down! I will try this approach this year and see if I get any better at getting things done.


Just Joan said...

I will be reading Marley and Me when I get back to Pitt; my roommate bought it and loved it so I am next in line to read. I just bawled when the girl in the crowd got the huge elephant and then at the end when he was saying goodbye to his kids and wife. It must have caught me at a weak moment. I will let you know how Marley & Me turns out. The other books I am reading are great; vampires with a lot more sex appeal, so it can get raunchy at times (not a whole lot but it does). I love them and think they are a fun read. Sabra is trying so hard to get through the first one; she says it is written horrible (grammatically) and reminds her of a romance novel. I agree with the first statement it is written choppy but I never thought of it as a trashy romance novel. I also told her I didn't fall in love with it until I watched the series on HBO (which is a little different but great nonetheless).

Good job on the laundry...more running has been top on my list this year...not going so great but I am hoping after I get back to Pitt and settle back into a routine I'll do it!

alison said...

Wow I have never ironed anywhere near that much. I will never admit to how much I actually iron because it is rarely ever. SO ironing and the gym, I would say you are definitely off to a great start! Thanks for the sweet comment you left me!

wendy said...

Happy New Year! I am finally figuring out how to "do" this reply stuff with some ease! You have (as usual) a pretty good approach to accomplishing some things and I really like them! A confession: Tess started me reading Marley&Me and I just haven't had it in me to finish it or watch the movie...and today Shay made me take one of her vampire books that Joanie is refering to, home...apparently the main character reminds her of me...??? I a vampire?! Anyway, it's good to "find" you! I am excited about keeping track of you my friend~Ciao' Bella

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