Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the Subject of Christmas Trees

Sabra told me about a contest for Christmas Trees. I thought I would try to enter it but I am not sure I know how. So I will post this and then see how it goes. Apparently you post pictures of your tree on your blog and some tips for decorating it and then enter a link. So here is my attempt at the tree this year! Remember I am using a crummy camera, not to mention the skill of the photographer! I do better at decorating trees.

Decorating Tips I Have Found Useful
I always start at the top and using a fake tree makes it easier. I decorate the top while it is apart as I would a floral arrangment and then put it up on the tree. I then add any garland before beginning on the ornaments. I group the ornaments into like piles and then add them to the tree. I wish I could say that decorating the tree is the highlight of my Christmas but alas, it is not. I prefer to decorate the shelves and tables. But you have to have a tree to go along with the rest, so I try to do it first and get it done. I do like a fancy tree and have been collecting ornaments for several years after fading out the country look. My tree is too short for my house I am now living in so instead of buying a new one when I moved, my handy husband built me a stool to put it up on and then I use yards of fabric to swirl about the bottom. I love fabric garland also as it fills in lots of bare spots. And fake trees are great because you can just move the branch where you need it. Also, branches of berries stuck in here and there are great filler. So that's how I do it and there it is!


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

You have a beautiful Christmas Tree. I love the tree top decoration. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.


Jennifer said...

You did a great job!!
It's beautiful!!

Merry Christmas!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Your tree is lovely. I really like the colors. Your blog design is nice too. Where did you get it?

Tina said...

I wondered why it was on such a tall stand. Now I get it. It looks great, of course....:)

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