Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Programs & Then Some

Well, two down and one to go. No pictures to post because of course I had to sit so far back that I couldn't get anything on my crummy camera the first night! The second night I had second row seats and didn't bring my crummy camera becuz I figured I would be too far back! So tonight I will try again and see if I get a single shot. Sydney and Kaylie and then on to the next activity! It has been so fun this week. I love being grama! I get to go to everything and do nothing! Suits me fine! Christmas is coming....and I have to go shopping. Tomorrow is the R.S. shindig and then Friday is company and Grama Darlene's birthday! Actually it is today! Happy 83rd Grama! Sat. is Kaylie's Christmas concert and then the programs will be done. Oh yah, and on Friday, Tom and I will have been married 39 years. We are going to celebrate next week when things calm down. Why would I get married in December is my question! Young and stupid I think was the reason!! But it has been a remarkable 39 years, will lots of mountains and a few valleys. I wouldn't trade any of it though because it has gotten us here and I love where we are! Life is good and I feel content!! I highly recommend marriage for the long term! It gets better and better!!!! So off to the Christmas program I am, hoping for a close up shot! Oh and by the way, Happy Anniversary to Aaron and Gel today! They have been married 14 years. You may wonder how I can remember that! Because they got married two days before our 25th anniversary so I can always do the math! Another side note about weddings. They got married on Grama Darlene's birthday and Bob and Sabe got married on my mother's birthday! Cosmic timing huh?


Sabra said...

Don't forget Mallory and Sydney are singing at the stake center Sunday night! Kay-Lanie might also. I was never clear on that. You thought you were about done! Then we have Maverick's preschool program next week, but I'll spare you that one.

JennyandTyler said... I read this blog I had a flashback. I remember me and Ash were hanging out with you one night and you told us that on your 50th wedding anniversary you wanted Tom to sing you "Hero" by Enrique Eglas Iglesias. We all laughed about it pretty hard. Do you remember that? Sorry hope thats not too embarradding, but it made me laugh just thinking about it! By the way. Does Ashley have a blog? If so have her e-mail it to me. Thanks!

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