Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Lunacy?

Thanks Sabra for the comment reminding me about Sunday night. I had forgotten. I had better start looking at the calendar. Just a note on the last program I was off to when I posted last time. No pictures of that one as I actually forgot the camera. Tom offered me his throw-away when we got there but I was too prideful and didn't want to be laughed out the door:) So I missed the shot but the program was very entertaining and the girls looked like they were having fun. I thought that was the last program but I heard from Krista that Naomi was having one on Thurs. As I was tied up with Relief Society, Granpa had to go it alone. I asked him how it went and he said it was chaos, but that Naomi did great on her 3 words:) Company arrived on time and we had Grandma's dinner and then all the family arrived and more chaos ensued but we all had a fun visit. Of course I didn't have the camera so no pictures. But Deb took a couple and said she would email them to me so I will have one to remember the occasion. Fun note to the evening, Ben Mucha and his wife and daughter came over. We hadn't seen them since Ashley's wedding so that was fun. Now, today the company leaves and we have Kaylie's Christmas Concert for the PHIL-AM association fundraiser. She is nervous but I know she will do great! I will try to remember the camera!


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